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Tuning is one of my favorite get more do less #contentcuration tools. management and design teams are pretty amazing (including +Ally Greer & +Guillaume Decugis). I'm REALLY impressed by the quality and breadth of recent changes.

Here is what I used new much easier to understand and use tools to do today:

* Changed Design Revolution Template:
* Added a subscription form to Design Revolution.
* Changed Design Revolution "SEO Boost".
* Changed Social Shares for Profile & my 10 feeds (easily adaptable to each feed so can be selective with what Twitter / Facebook and G+ pages are connected).

Was amazed at the scope, breadth and quality of these changes. More as we discover more we can do.

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Thanks for the inputs. I will be acting on them. I am pissed, though, that Scoopit has discontinued page backgrounds and logos on the free pages. Not fair.
+Martin W. Smith +Venkatesh Iyer I was surprised the custom topic logo was removed, I look everywhere for it.

I know if you're on the business plan you have access to the html/css and can add a custom header or you could even do something like this. For this topic on the right side I added my clickable logo, embedded a scoop, added my Twitter feed, a bottom slide up Contact Us form and a newsletter signup.
+Martin W. Smith Mr markerter :) if you get time please have a look at the different customizions I've done to my topics using both the personalized and adaptive templates. I would love to hear your take on them. Is it too much?
+Martin W. Smith  +Brian Yanish  I am not happy that my page looks no different from any other page. I have been wondering whether or not to continue with, but probably will do so for the time being.
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