Even Top Websites Have Strengths and Weaknesses
As a Marketing Director for Atlantic BT I always want to know the same things when a new customer is looking for help with website, mobile or software development:

* PageRank for homepage and top interior page.
* Page spread - how many pages are in Google now.
* Inbound Links - how many root domains are linking in.
* Social Media - how many followers on each social net.

Understanding Internet Marketing Strengths and Weaknesses
The table below shows US Traffic Rank (a number you want to be low, Google is #1), Social Rank (achieved by adding all social followers together and then ranking the result), Page and Links rank (here I added page spread or total pages in Google with total inbound linking root domains and then ranked on that number) and PageRank (PR). All numbers except PR you want to be as low as possible since being #1 is the goal.

The table shows what each site is doing well and where even top websites are vulnerable. Lower values are better in this table, so when Google looks down and sees Amazon with a better rank in pages and social and still only being granted a PR8 either Amazon is doing something wrong or it is good to be the KING (or a little of both).

Whatever Amazon is doing "wrong" I wish I could get some of it since 800M pages in the index is impressive. Google keeps trimming Amazon's position and that makes me think the PR8 for Amazon despite its many strengths is a statement of displeasure. The wild nature of their results using the Google pagespread site:[URL] also leads me to that conclusion. I thought Amazon would have a billion pages in the index by now.

Amazon is static in page spread with last year after being as high as 1.4B pages. This kind of gyration can indicate bot gamesmanship. Amazon does almost nothing by hand, so Google's credits can fluctuate. The game between Amazon and Google is high stakes poker, arbitrage really, and so over my head.

Every Leading Website Has Strengths & Weaknesses
Each leading website does some things exceptionally well such as Google's traffic rank or Apple's #2 ranking on links and pages. Each website, and this should be instructive, also has weaknesses such as Google's social weakness, Amazon's social weakness and Macy's weakness in page spread.

If you want to compete in an established online vertical create a table like this for every competitor and don't go after the strengths. Find the vulnerabilities and become KING there before you attack an existing castle.
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