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You Are Never Technical Enough
This post reminded me there is another universe out there, a technical universe, marketers must learn more about. Some suggest programming is an important skill for anyone and I'm almost there.

In 2014 I want to learn a programming language probably Ruby because the mental discipline required to learn programming strikes me similar to what it take to be a great #Internetmarketer . There is are things that can't be "taught" in the proper sense. Some things can only be learned from doing.

Here is a series of 2014 software development trends where I only marginally understood every 3rd one (lol):

* Hadoop and its ecosystem
* Software Defined Networks
* Containers and low overhead virtualization
* Private clouds
* Devops
* Internet of Things
* Low-latency Services: soft-realtime on the web
* Return of SQL (the language)
* Return of RDBMS
* Hosted Development Environments:
* Immutable Deployment or Immutable Infrastructure:
* Languages for JavaScript:
* JavaScript as Universal Runtime:
* Native development Back?
* Solutions to Callback Hell
* Functional in the Mainstream

Good idea to stay up on stuff especially stuff you only understand every 3rd thing :). Marty
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Great point +Martin W. Smith. Way, way back in ancient times I learned Fortran and COBAL. Even though those are "dead" programming languages today, I believe learning to program helped me sharpen thinking skills that do indeed help me today in analyzing data and putting together marketing plans, among dozens of other tasks.
Thanks +Mark Traphagen in confirming my desire to learn Ruby this year! Sorry about yesterday my friend, was very tired. Forgot to take my "energy" meds and that is ALWAYS a mistake. Better today thanks to chemistry (lol). Rain made me sleepy. Marty
No apologies needed +Martin W. Smith - I certainly understand that if anyone does!

Hoping we can drum up more participation for the next time.
I'm with you on this one +Martin W. Smith if I didn't have to wait around for developers I would be golden. Thanks for a great share
COBOL... (or "cabal" if you were part if a nefarious team of programmers) not COBAL :)

Fortran, in its various incarnations, is still in use in some circles, especially numerical computing. Why? It's simplistic procedural nature can actually be beneficial in that it can make optimization for efficiency somewhat more straightforward.

Good luck with your learning in 2014!
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