You Are Never Technical Enough
This post reminded me there is another universe out there, a technical universe, marketers must learn more about. Some suggest programming is an important skill for anyone and I'm almost there.

In 2014 I want to learn a programming language probably Ruby because the mental discipline required to learn programming strikes me similar to what it take to be a great #Internetmarketer . There is are things that can't be "taught" in the proper sense. Some things can only be learned from doing.

Here is a series of 2014 software development trends where I only marginally understood every 3rd one (lol):

* Hadoop and its ecosystem
* Software Defined Networks
* Containers and low overhead virtualization
* Private clouds
* Devops
* Internet of Things
* Low-latency Services: soft-realtime on the web
* Return of SQL (the language)
* Return of RDBMS
* Hosted Development Environments:
* Immutable Deployment or Immutable Infrastructure:
* Languages for JavaScript:
* JavaScript as Universal Runtime:
* Native development Back?
* Solutions to Callback Hell
* Functional in the Mainstream

Good idea to stay up on stuff especially stuff you only understand every 3rd thing :). Marty
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