Hanging Out On Air This Friday at 10:00 With Mark
As most of my friend know I am "all in" selling everything I have to create the Story of Cancer Foundation. I'm grateful and thankful for great friends like +Mark Traphagen.

Mark introduced me to +Todd Hartley and we are going to have a chance to discuss life after cancer, life with cancer and curing cancer this Friday on BuzzWire. 11:00 EST and 7:00 on the west coast (drive time :).

Looking forward to discussing how we #CureCancer in OUR lifetime.

Will be discussing "selling out" to cure cancer via the first crowdfunding platform created by a cancer survivor and dedicated to cancer research: http://www.curecancerstarter.org .

We will also be discussing the Story of Cancer foundation and our Story of Cancer Store (http://storyofcancer.gostorego.com/ ). It's CURE CANCER Friday this Friday, hope you can join us.
We've got a wonderful Men's Health Month Hangout this Friday with +Mark Traphagen and +Martin W. Smith speaking about their experience with cancer. Mark has recovered from rectal cancer and Martin has terminal leukemia and is selling his home to start a website, http://curecancerstarter.org, to fund cancer research. They'll be speaking at 7 a.m. PST/10 a.m. EST. http://bit.ly/11rVF5M
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