Leave The Gun, Take The Canoli and Use GooglePlus
I do a lot of SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. Never ceases to amaze me how often I will see BIG numbers across a competitive set for Facebook and Twitter and almost no followers or content being shared on +Google+ .

These days one must be a bit of a contrarian to make money online. Many spend days combing through keywords looking for favorable over / unders (over subscribed and under published) keywords.

Used to be a lot easier to find favorable keywords than NOW. Now those elusive "blue oceans" are hard to find EXCEPT when it comes to G+. G+ sticks out like a sore thumb in three out of four of the SWOTs I've created lately.

Given the clear and undeniable #SEO power, great feedback, ability to pull #UGC (User Generated Content) and clear disruptive abilities especially when GooglePlus isn't as developed a competitive ground as other social networks why aren't more companies, brands and people looking to GooglePlus to support their #Internetmarketing ?

Power of Wrong Questions Asked In Wrong Ways
By the time G+ arrived some #socialmarketing fatigue had set in. I sat with an Internet marketer at lunch one day and she told me, "PLEASE not another tool I have to learn". And I replied, "This is the business we've chosen".

I didn't quote Godfather III by mistake. The mafia and Internet marketing have a lot in common (lol). Both are highly tribal and everyone is always watching each other and looking for an advantage. G+ keeps coming up as that advantage so remember to leave the gun, take the cannoli and use GPlus.
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