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Leave The Gun, Take The Canoli and Use GooglePlus
I do a lot of SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. Never ceases to amaze me how often I will see BIG numbers across a competitive set for Facebook and Twitter and almost no followers or content being shared on +Google+ .

These days one must be a bit of a contrarian to make money online. Many spend days combing through keywords looking for favorable over / unders (over subscribed and under published) keywords.

Used to be a lot easier to find favorable keywords than NOW. Now those elusive "blue oceans" are hard to find EXCEPT when it comes to G+. G+ sticks out like a sore thumb in three out of four of the SWOTs I've created lately.

Given the clear and undeniable #SEO power, great feedback, ability to pull #UGC (User Generated Content) and clear disruptive abilities especially when GooglePlus isn't as developed a competitive ground as other social networks why aren't more companies, brands and people looking to GooglePlus to support their #Internetmarketing ?

Power of Wrong Questions Asked In Wrong Ways
By the time G+ arrived some #socialmarketing fatigue had set in. I sat with an Internet marketer at lunch one day and she told me, "PLEASE not another tool I have to learn". And I replied, "This is the business we've chosen".

I didn't quote Godfather III by mistake. The mafia and Internet marketing have a lot in common (lol). Both are highly tribal and everyone is always watching each other and looking for an advantage. G+ keeps coming up as that advantage so remember to leave the gun, take the cannoli and use GPlus.
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Thanks +Chef Dennis Littley and I think I gained 5 pounds just LOOKING at your G+ page (lol). Canolli is something you know about I'm betting :). M
Great SHARE group. Glad to find so many great Godfather fans to follow. GR8 WE everyone. M
What confuses me is SEO professionals who are resistant to G+. I can see why the general public would be; change is hard. But how can people who claim to understand SEO stick their heads in the sand? Do you think they will wake up one day and be terribly behind/ out of the loop?
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