The Product Development Journey
I've been developing products for thirty years so you would think I would be SMARTER about the journey. Nope, you don't get "smarter" about #productdevelopment  you just get HAMMERED (lol). 

I've got to BIG products about to launch now: - crowdfunding cancer research. - shop to cure cancer.

And I am ready to jump off the roof. The money is going out so fast it is scary and that feeling in the pit of my stomach this film depicts so well and I've had so many times feels like CHEMO THE RETURN (lol). 

If you are are compassionate please join our #curecancer  Buzz Team and help us beat the drum about these two new ideas in October assuming they don't kill me before then:

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If you wonder what is like to create stuff watch this movie. Don't get hung up on the fact the movie is about video gamer creators the product creation journey it depicts is always the same despite my having to relearn it each time as if it was the first time. 

This relearning is why women can have multiple children. As distance is created after a product is launched the pain of the journey recedes. After about a year your mind starts remember only the good things editing out the jump off the roof moments like I'm having now. 

This "magical thinking" is why we can create again. If we accurately remembered the pain, pain well depicted in this movie, we would go live in a cabin in the woods. Our ability to fool ourselves is why we create all over again and why each time feels so unpredictable and new (despite it being exactly what has happened before). 

Life is a long strange trip and so is product development. A long strange trip never more clearly shown than on this excellent movie. NOTE: I watched it on Netflix but can't seem to figure out how to share the Netflix link (because NF seems very anti-social). The link on the post goes to Amazon. 

PS. I wrote please joint our Buzz Team above and that must be wishful thinking (lol). M 
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