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What A Learning Curve Buys You - The Magic of GPlus
I don't know WHY and that's okay. Why is MOOT. Today I created my 15th business segment analysis and here are some actual numbers:

Social Media Averages
Twitter Followers 1,299
Facebook Likes 7,451
G+ 16

Obviously this segment isn't social media advanced, but I've found similar breakouts across almost every business vertical I've studied. I was sorry to see +Vic Gundotra leave G+ and I read the speculation about DOOM.

For the clients +Phil Buckley and I are working with at our #startup +CrowdFunde you better believe we are going to suggest using +Google+. It isn't JUST that one of our closest friends is +Mark Traphagen, one of the top G+ gurus in the world, but the DYNAMICS of #Internetmarketing insist we use G+. How did teams I've been part of make more than $30M online? By looking for and then swimming in BLUE OCEANS. I don't care WHY G+ is being adopted so slowly. Why is MOOT.

What I care about is the community space is OWNABLE and NOW for NOTHING. Sure, you could argue Metcalfe's law with me (value of networks is square the members), but I would argue back with Martin's Law - LEAD because when you FOLLOW the view is always the same and others determine your destiny.

If you read the ACTUAL data above as ATTACK via Google Plus and Twitter then we are singing off the same sheet of music. Facebook is a "cost of poker" network to me now. Yes we have to be there, but they won't get our investment or TIME. Both of those are heading straight at GPlus.

What if the network never sufficiently METCALFES? What if G+ doesn't scale. What if your competitors never join us? Fine with us, we can generate great traffic, content and value from a smaller town we OWN than a huge city where we are a tiny fish in an ocean of sharks (a RED Ocean).

I LOVE Blue Oceans, oceans not yet turned red by competitive frenzy. GPlus is that ocean. If you read this and CONTINUE to fight tooth and nail on Facebook more power to you and good luck with that. We are going to FOCUS our marketing on GPlus, get to know it almost as well as our friend Mark and use the magical suite of tools to WIN and then WIN AGAIN.

Hope NO ONE reading this changes their thinking about GPlus. Please keep working on Facebook or Twitter (lol). M 

Mark just shared this and made the its MOOT point better with this comment:

"I had several people tell me after my presentation at Pubcon New Orleans last month that their number one takeaway was a throwaway comment I made that wasn't even a planned part of my talk.

Heres' what I said: Don't go go Google+ to find audience you already have elsewhere. Instead go there to own the space for your vertical, and then bring in your own tribe."
Thanks to Mark, be sure to Follow Mark here:

YES, form up around GPlus because you win twice. First you get a great tool set (Hangouts are too good) and secondly you begin to generate the millions of views needed to moat your content marketing castle. Invest in GPlus because ITS THERE and you don't have to shoo away nearly as many flies :). M

One more postscript worth thinking about is I have a community of just over 3,000 followers on G+ yet my posts have had more that 1.3M views. Yeah, try doing THAT anywhere but here. Why can we accomplish so much with so little? Its GOOGLE :). M
(and if that sounds like the way the guy says, "It's Chinatown," at the end of the movie you win a star in Hollywood).

Another Great Mark point in a comment on his share:

"I've seen a number of brands do that most powerfully using Hangouts On Air. Create a series of hangouts with experts your audience wants access to. Create Google+ communities with access to those experts and their knowledge. Include a call to action with each hangout and its video residuals to join those communities.

It's building an email list for the social marketing age."

Mark shared he is in the process of cutting up videos from +Stone Temple Consulting now creating new, shorter and more targeted, content out of the stream of the interviews they've banked. Powerful stuff and CHEAP!!! You will spend $5K with any VIDEO person to do anything. Better to shoot a bunch of hangouts and then piecemeal what you want and combine with B-roll. Cuts the cost of that much video down by more than half.

Great comment by +Prime Design Solutions, Inc. on Mark's share:
"Also, Google + is, y'know, Google search, maps, Gmail, and all that comes with it. No other social media comes close to offering all that. Even companies who don't have the time or personnel to be actively engaged on G+ should at least have a presence for that reason."

Agree! G+ is a suite of TOOLS more than a social net so power is to the marketers. Great point by PDS, Inc.

+Lee Smallwood made a great point in comments on Mark's share:

"....even with the right people following (and as long as it's two-way)... I've always found the engagement on her to be incredible - not matter how many followers :)"

Agree and shared that I have a little over 3K followers on G+, but pageviews slouching toward 1.5M. Try doing THAT on any other social net. I pointed out that Facebook will edgerank you to death, now less than 2% of your followers will see your posts on average. Where Facebook is REDUCING MY IMPACT on their network G+ is looking for way to INCREASE my reach. Think of the difference.

Facebook says to HELL with you no matter how GREAT your content. The only way around edgerank is to hope your content gets picked up over and over, faster and faster (or BUY your way in). NO WAY my Facebook content has anything near a million views.

GPlus is about PROMOTING great content and the people / brands / companies who create it. Why there is even still a FACEBOOK from a marketing perspective is perplexing to me. Let's see, we PAY to be ignored by your own followers, followers we brought to THEM, GAVE THEM and followers that help Facebook be Facebook. Now if we want them back we have to PAY.

Am I crazy or does that sound nutty? Instead of putting money where the network and tools FAVORS marketers lets continue to give it to people (Facebook) who HATE us and think we are the works kind of "must be watched all the time" used car salesmen sure to kidnap their beautiful thing for our BAD habits.

COME ON! We are all reading the same books (Pink, Godin, Vaynerchuk), we aren't rubes or idiots. We lucky few Internet marketers WANT to HELP (why we got into this crazy profession in the first place). Do we need to SELL SOMETHING to SOMEONE to stay afloat? Yes, who doesn't? Are we trying to STEAL or do anything other than be the best we can be? NO for 99.99% of us.

Facebook is a "cost of poker" place for us now. We have to respect hteir ability to SCALE, but we DO NOT HAVE to contribute our most valuable non-renewable resource (our TIME) or our very limited resource (our marketing budget). Both of those, time and money, are headed to G+.
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I, much like yourself +Martin W. Smith, get to spend some quality discussion time with +Mark Traphagen. And, during that time, I will experience moments of pure genius. Not necessarily in what he meant to say, but often in what he didn't. Much like the throw-away comment you mentioned above.
Did somebody say I'm throwing away millions? Dont' tell my wife!

+Martin W. Smith just out of curiosity, what is the "16" figure you associate with G+. You named the other metrics but didn't say what that was.
LOL +Mark Traphagen, I think what +Martin W. Smith and I are suggesting is that you opened your mouth and it fell out ... through no fault of your own. Besides, your wife gets to listen to you everyday, and that's PRICELESS. ;-)
+Martin W. Smith I enjoyed your provocative  article very much. 

Although I am huge twitter person, I also like what I am finding in the Google+ community.

Frankly,  I am not so keen on Facebook for my business. For personal use, it's been great. For business  I have not gotten a good return on my financial or time investment.  It doesn't mean I won't keep trying. I love a challenge :)  

I look forward to reading more by you. 

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