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This #Raleigh #SEO Meetup is among my favorite presentations. My friend +Phil Buckley does a great job with the most popular SEO Meetup in the country and +Mark Traphagen's presence and great questions along with a great group made this "Marketing Ninja" meetup a special "happening".

In generous comments Mark noted how Phil, +Amy Lewis and myself are his mentors. Same can be said for Mark and each of us. We don't have to know #GooglePlus as well as we know other things because we know Mark id deep in the weeds.

When we need to know something G+ related we call Mark. This divide and conquer is the only way to parse the contemporary world of #internetmarketing because no one can know enough, no one can be too contemporary to changes happening NOW and NOW and NOW. Great to have friends like Mark, Amy and Phil. Least I can do is return their due diligence with hard work of my own (not really work when you love what you are doing more like concentrated play :).
Three Content Marketing Ninjas Reveal Their Secrets!

My live blog of a session at the Raleigh SEO Meetup with +Casie Gillette of KoMarketing Associates, +Amy Lewis of Cisco, and +Martin W. Smith of AtlanticBT - three certified content marketing ninjas who give up their best insider tips for content effectiveness.
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