Why Web Designers Are Bedouin Riding Wind And Rain
If you are very quiet you can hear it. Out in the distance there is a small sound, a tiny rustle. This almost impossible to hear hiss is something you know. You've heard it before.

Outside of our tent the sun is down. Temperatures are dropping fast. The desert is quiet except for the tiny wind teasing the flaps, rustling the livestock and whispering an important message. There is a silent alarm ringing softly sure to ring louder soon.

We move between known places that are always new. The desert shifts and we never step into the same river. We camp, brew tea and huddle against the night's cold. Listening, always listening we know tomorrow's path.

We also know we don't know tomorrow's path. The desert has a way of moving yesterday's trusted landmark. The desert is always moving, so we must perfect the art of movement too. Tomorrow is promised to no man and such arrogance always comes before a fall.

Falling here, falling in the desert, is unforgiving. Best to quickly recover, adjust and continue. The secret to desert travel is simple and has always been true - put one foot in front of the other and trust your instincts, knowledge and whatever fresh information you've heard, can see or feel.

The math always wins, but the desert has its own ideas about math. Sometimes those ideas form beauty man can't imagine. Sometimes those ideas open up great holes capable of swallowing a man whole. The desert isn't a mystery any man can solve even as many try. Best to surf the desert like an infinite wave, an infinite wave of change.
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