Checking G+ PageRank
I called +Mark Traphagen a "mini Google" in an interview with the Raleigh yesterday. Mark's G+ page has a PR of 5 (that is pretty outstanding) and he has the ability to quake the web when he puts his considerable G+ klout behind something (my Story of Cancer Foundation has been the lucky recipient of Mark's largesse). 

At a +Phil Buckley meetup I had to miss due to toe surgery (ouch), Mark explained how to find out your GooglePlus PR:

1. Right click on your name and copy the numerical URL. Here is mine: 

2. Input that URL into

3. Find out your G+ PR.

I'm a 3 and Mark is a 5. PR is based in search engine math, so a 5 is about worth 2x the square of my 3. One of the reasons I'm even a 3 is because Mark's 5 regularly recommends my G+ posts.

I called Mark a "mini-Google" to the N&O because Google is giving authors more and more displacement. To understand what I mean by "displacement" loan me your brain for a second.

I think of the web much like Einstein thought of space and time as Space/Time. The web is a FABRIC where all websites rest. Some websites (webpages really) displace more fabric than others. Imagine a eight ball (pool not drugs) sitting on a taunt blanket.

Next to the eight ball is a bowling ball. In this analogy Mark is the bowling ball. His displacement of the taunt blanket is greater. What is "greater displacement" worth? When anything gets near the rim of Mark's displacement it falls into the widening gravity of his GooglePlus PR5.

If I am the eight ball I am displacing the blanket too, but not nearly as much. This means content that comes into my orbit may or may not drop in. Mark's displacement has more than square the chance of attracting more and more content and links faster and faster than my eight ball.

This is Barabasi's "rich get richer" concept in visual analogy. If you haven't read Linked: How Everything Is Connected To Everything Else by Barabasi you should. After you read the network researchers book the idea of "hubs" and "displacement" will make much more sense.

In the meantime, you want your content marketing to be like Mark - to become a mini-Google with increasing displacement.   
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