Martin's Valentine
Friends are amazing. Somehow they have a sixth sense, they know when you need a shot in the arm. I'm never been overly romantic, and I am long divorced after 22 years of marriage.

So I wasn't DOWN for the usual reasons one gets down on Valentine's Day. I was down because I'm tired a lot now and I'm tired of being tired (lol). When you feel tired everything SEEMS harder. I started my day battling to renew my "energy" meds. Being a patient takes so much WORK, so much patience, so much diligence.

Think about that for a second. Just at the moment when we feel bad and so need help the process of receiving that help gets harder. We have less life force since we are battling cancer, diabetes, heart disease or MS. I have cancer AND MS so there are days when BED is a magical word (lol).

No matter the hurdles we struggle forth. It is our condition and our lot. I've also been worried about having enough money to create #CureCancer   Starter and fund the #TechCuresCancer movement. Cure Cancer Starter was coming in with a BIG BILL attached. If you have a moment this Valentine, please LIKE Cure Caner Starter on Facebook: .

Then, in quick succession, a new friend at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute shared a site that cut costs of development down by a HUGE amount. Next I had a meeting with my friends and Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer Supporters +Eric Garrison  and his amazing wife Cynthia. This was an amazing meeting.

I love friends who ask what you need, pick up a pad and then start actually doing the work as you sit with them. Eric and Cynthia are going to continue their amazing generosity on Cure Cancer Starter because that is what friends do. They will toss resources and resources at me without a worry for ROI. They will invest and GIVE because they can. I wrote a piece about giving this morning that Eric and Cynthia illustrate beautifully.

Finally I arrive back home and find this amazing Valentine from David started by my friend and fellow cancer survivor +Mark Traphagen . I am beyond lucky. Perhaps the true measure of our "wealth" is in the friendships we've created. When friends, new and old, give so much the real meaning of our lives comes into view.

My Valentine's Day is complete, rich and joyful. Yes I will need to pick up a new lance and ride against another dragon soon, but I am not alone. I ride with the power of generous, smart and loving friends.

You guys ROCK. Thank You. Marty

PS. Forgot to mention +WRAL DotCom Scotty Mason's generosity. The Tar Heel Traveler is coming over this afternoon to help create a video about Cure Cancer Starter so my cup truly runs over today and everyday. TY. M

Also forgot to thank +Phil Buckley for unflinching support. Today Phil and Mark told their followers anyone following them should follow me. With friends like this we can save the world.
The Serendipity of Connections

Discovery only has value if it allows us the ability to discover gems we are not looking for but which widen our horizons, enrich our thinking, deepen our understanding and, sometimes, makes us laugh at ourselves and the hubris that marks our species. 

I started this morning thanking +Mark Traphagen for a couple of shares of my posts and he in turn shared the one below. Beautifully written by +Martin W. Smith it borders on the poetic and verges on the philosophical, yet it is purportedly about SEO and Marketing. 

Yet, SEO and Marketing are human activities, themselves predicated upon human actions that revolved around human constructs of understanding. There is a chain of associations here where if you move a single grain of sand (to paraphrase Martin Smith  a little), you will get the total collapse of your Sand Castle. 

In his comments Mark labelled this a "Must Read". We tend to be hyperbolic  due to enthusiasm and the label gets pinned on every article that excites us. This one has the kind of longevity that half a century from now would still deliver value to the reader. For once the hyperbole appears not enough. 
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