Hero Marketing
Writing #heromarketing for Saturday on http://www.curagami.com. Who is your hero? 

Great note from +Phil Buckley about his dad:

I have one hero, my Dad. He grew up during the depression, watched his older brothers go off to war, was the first person in his family to get a college degree (nights). Quit his "good job" at GE where he was a dial reader of some sort to take a job as a salesman for Burroughs.

Then left that "good job" to sign on with a venture backed startup in the early 1970's doing mainframe time sharing a la Ross Perot. When that collapsed he spent the next 15 years selling bank security equipment at a record setting pace during the go-go 1980's… all while working from home, being a Boy Scout leader, baseball coach and all-around great Dad.

He is my hero, and I pray I am 1/2 as good as him. 
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