This video of rocker Amada Palmer explaining how she raised over a million on Kickstarter is moving and real (thanks to +Phil Buckley ). As many of my readers know I have cancer. What you don't know is it has been kicking my ass pretty good for about a year now and I am worn out.

I share that inside fact because I am also tackling the project of my life - Cure Cancer Starter (, a crowdfunding platform for cancer research. Because of the ONE THING (my cancer kicking my ass), I've had to up the other thing by a factor of 3 (asking for help). 

I have NEVER been disappointed when asking for help, NEVER. 

I join Amanda in that. In the summer of 2010 I rode a bicycle across America because it was on my bucket list for over 20 years and one of the first things I thought about when hearing the Big C and my name in the same sentence. The trip was a huge TRUST in the kindness of strangers, and I was never disappointed.

People show you so much when you ASK and they GIVE. They share the key to secret compartments labeled WHO WE REALLY ARE and LOVE. I ASKED Mark if he knew anyone looking for marketing help and he GAVE me an interview and then a JOB. 

One of my reactions to having my butt kicked a little was starting Cure Cancer Starter because I am DETERMINED to be here when it launches. If I am it will be because of the kindness of strangers (friends, doctors, researchers, administrators, an army of people).

My mother and I were just talking about my taxes this year. This year only $7,000 out of my pocket leveraging more than $100K out of the unfortunate company that carries my insurance. My pledge to them is to create a platform that helps cure cancer so they won't have to go in the hole quite so bad next time. 

Foolish dream? Maybe, but anything is possible when we ASK and GIVE as Amanda and my friends already know.
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