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Launch Day - Is LIVE
Today is a blur. Actually the last three days are blurs. I'm sitting in my favorite Durham bistro (Saladelia where I held Free Internet Saturdays) and I just looked at and it is LIVE!

There are still some things to be fixed, but one of our two BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS #BHAG is away from the dock. Just in time for +Wral DotCom's Tar Heel Traveler feature about a crazy man (me) willing to sell his house and everything he owns to help #curecancer . Scotty Mason's Tar Heel Traveler segment airs tomorrow night on WRAL.

I've never been a half measure guy. I don't mean to make me or that sound romantic or cool. Being all in can be frustrating and crazy, but I come by those genes honestly as my father and mother are the same way.

I named our #cancerfoundation the Elizabeth Martin and Duncan Smith Story of Cancer Foundation. My parents had three children: Me (Martin), Caroline (middle sister) and Drew (youngest brother). We haven't had children.

I'm the only one who was married, for 22 years, but we never had children. Our branch of the "SMITH" tree stops here. My parents are in their eighties. My father has the same leukemia I do (though he has never needed to be treated where I've been treated 3 times).

In the summer of 2010 when I rode a bicycle across America (Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer) one of the ride's goals was to see every member of my family. My brother was working at Southern Season, a Chapel Hill landmark specialty food store, and couldn't join us for the ride. We had dinner the night before we left.

My mother lives in Greenville, KY and she met us in Tennessee for a dinner and "mom encouragement". "Martin," my mother said to me when we were alone after dinner with the Martin's Ride team, "the Mississippi is a big body of water why don't you get to that and then say you accomplished your goal".

My mom was worried riding a bicycle across America would kill me. Mom is a luddite. She doesn't use computers and it was all I could do to force a cell phone (not a smart phone) on her. Glad she's never read 45MPH ( ) my description of what is like to ride a bicycle as fast as you drive a car.

Launching two major websites with two teams (one from +Atlantic BT  in Raleigh where I'm a Marketing Director and the other with +WTE Solutions my friends Eric and Cynthia Garrison in Hillsborough, NC) is proving to be more arduous than riding a bicycle across America.

Well that isn't entirely accurate. Launching two "new idea" websites: - crowdfunding cancer research
Launching Wednesday as it looks now - shop to cure cancer

is a different kind of challenge. Some things hold true such as POSITIVE THINKING ONLY (see my curate your head post for a few days ago for more) and just when you think you are DONE, cooked, stick a fork in you there is more. There is always more.

My jaw hurts from clenching my teeth so hard. I hopped in the car this morning after working all night to look down on i40 and see the yellow "Almost Out of Gas" light. I've learned my car well enough to not PANIC when the light comes on. I took a risk and waited until exiting i40 at Edwards Mill and getting gas at the usual place at the top of the hill and the car drank 10.5 gallons so an easy half gallon to spare (lol).

Thank you GOD for +Drew Baird and his amazing wife who recommended the amazing SHURE isolation earbuds I've got jammed into my ears with U2 up LOUD (With or Without You). I'm staring at the cupcake that was my reward for getting HERE.

I have no RIGHT to the entire cupcake since I don't get here, half way home, without an army of FRIENDS, Buzz Teamers, FOMs and amazing TALENTED people. They should get a quarter of my cupcake.

My mom and dad should get at least a half of my cupcake. You reach a certain age and your can see the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE of raising children. The WORRY, fear, concern, commitment and "all in-ness" required to raise Martin, Caroline and Drew is heroic beyond my ability to calculate, measure or reward.

When I returned from Martin's Ride I wrote a soulful thank you note: ( ). Wrote that note in the hotel in LA and on the flight home. No flight home this time and we are only HALF done and I couldn't write a note like that right now if my life depended on it (and it may lol).

If Martin's Ride's goal was to spend time with everyone in my family and's goal is to expand my "family" to the point where we can be heard. We need a NEW #cancerresearchrevolution ,  a revolution where we double down on the hard ditch digging work of curing cancer.

A TECH led revolution where we are all in, where "we" is the royal US, the non-scientist #Internetmarketers moms, dads, sisters, brothers and cousins of someone playing the BIg C for all they've got. Someone reaching down for that gear they didn't know they had but are sure glad it showed up.

Hope you will become part of a movement, a demanding roiling movement of people who walk, run, wear pink, watch the NFL and applaud AND who know our journey belongs in a land full of all that cool glass you find in a lab. Beakers yes we need serious BEAKERS.

I'm NOTHING a tiny spec of a man, but I'm determined and I have FRIENDS so that spec is growing. I hope you will SHOP where 100% of our profits go to our Story of Cancer Foundation (501c3 nonprofit) and everything I have including money, energy, passion and desire is in the middle of the table  waiting to see the turn and the river.

Thanks and a quarter of a cupcake for getting us this far (trust me to be your proxy and EAT that quarter for you lol). I will get home soon and update the Buzz Team Brief with what happened today ( in the meantime THANK YOU for reading this far, for your ongoing support and for your advocacy and support in the future.

YOU ROCK! .(kind of my signature line so please forgive me :).

Together we cure cancer in OUR lifetime. Now let's imagine that day and work backwards.

Much exhausted THANKS and LOVE to all!


Martin Smith
Founder Story of Cancer Foundation

& Soon due to sleep for a week straight :). M
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Well done Martin. Keep fighting on!!!
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