Story of Cancer Website First Look & Website Design Tips
Thought it would be interesting to share a very early design for Story of Cancer. I am NOT a graphic designer, but I like to outline what I want where and give the pros a sense of where the blocks go.

What I'm Doing
I'm making a lot of decisions here. The hero, "hero" is largest image on any webpage. will rotate through 3 or 4 images. I found the image here of the Buddhist children walking thanks to the GREAT +Haiku Deck .

If you've ever tried to find "royalty free" images you know how hard it is. I'm funding the Story of Cancer Foundation at the moment myself (+Atlantic BT is helping with our crowdfunding cancer research platform) and it is SCARY how much money is going out and how fast (also why I am designing lol).

You might wonder about the image choice. My thinking is the hero needs to communicate a FEELING of #CURE , the hero needs to communicate the EMOTIONS instead of LOGIC. A great boss at P&G taught me how buyers always BUY (or donate) with emotion and justify with logic.

I like the Buddhist boys in their thongs because they look so serious and intent, the are Buddhist boys on a mission :). The image was going in the other direction, but I'm an old #ecom guy and when I can direct movement INTO the #callstoaction I do so ( #TIP ).

I'm stretching +Seth Godin's single #CTA rule, but we need to build a subscriber list too. No website is secure UNLESS it has the ability to do its own #emailmarketing . If your "owned" properties are dependent on #SMM or #PPC good luck with that. Your email list isn't subject to Panda and Penguin whims.

The area directly below and to the right of any hero is HOT. When you look at eye movement you see that people trace the borders of the image and drop to the right or below. This is why I don't like to span the entire horizontal plane even though large heroes are becoming standard. By breaking the plan there is tremendous visual tension forcing the eye into those CTAs.

All of these #websitedesign ideas will be subject to testing after launch such as my decision to put the video lower left. There is another design convention called the #goldentriangle . The golden triangle speaks to where our eyes rest - usually on the left of the page since we read left to right.

I put the video in the hottest spot on the page. Video is so engaging you can hide it under a rock and it gets lots of views. I'm large and in charge on video here because I will play it in a landing page with a CTA (join probably).

I bet I end up moving the video after we get the first 1,000 people to join. ABOUT is critical at first, but once your site is generating WOM (word of mouth) you can slowly begin to emphasize other messages. TRUST has to be created first and #videomarketing    is a great way to do that BECAUSE engagement and shares (of video) are high.

So I am sufficiently overwhelmed with how much work needs to be done now, so wish me luck and let me know your ideas, comments and thoughts. If, "this sucks" is your comment remember a pro designer will fix the sizing and placement.

Why do I show pros how much of an amateur I am? Two reasons I always design for designers. First it is MY money and so having some of my vision is important (and there is usually about 50% of my draft remains after the pro improvements).

Secondly who has time to wander in the dark. I have to create 3 major websites in 6 weeks (luckily +Atlantic BT and my friends +WTE Solutions are helping), so time to slap one baby while delivering another :). Just wanted to share that, despite the roughness of the design, there is #IM logic happening :). M
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