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Why Facebook Sucks
As an #Internetmarketer  I've been burned by Facebook more than once. Those "burns" take several forms including:

* Changes that favor THEM (Facebook) over marketers. 
* Changes that eliminate strategies we just figured out BEFORE ROI. 
* Changes that require re-planning, re-training (costly). 
* No support & view of brands as "enemies" instead of partners. 

I'm loving +Gary Vaynerchuk's book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, but there is a five page section that illustrates why I HATE Facebook as a #marketingtool . Gary is a great #internetmarketing   #guru  because he explains things in an understandable way.

Just when I thought I would NEVER give Facebook another minute of my time Gary convinced me #sponsoredstories  was worth investigating. "Why wouldn't anyone use a free trial system like Facebook to learn what to sponsor." Gary asks.

Put Gary's book down, started to tweet about sponsored stories and received a Mashable alert that Facebook plans to eliminate Sponsored Stories on April 9. I hope Gary will weigh in and explain the changes and if there is anything redeemable left after the changes, but I suspect good old FB will scorch the earth as they usually do.

I realize, as an Internet marketer, I can't afford ego, anger or frustration. All of those traits can be expensive and keep a good IMer from becoming great. Problem is I've been to this Facebook rodeo before and that bull just keeps throwing me in the dirt.

Hope Gary will explain what is left after April 9th and would note that his Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook explanation of #edgerank  is the best I've read (and believe me I've read hundreds of 'em only to remain confused until Gary's page and a half on the topic).


PS. This topic got good to me after a +Mark Traphagen comment on another post. Here is why Facebook has me mad about giving them a break again:

Gary is accurate and descriptive about why Facebook is such a jerk. They must protect their content network from spam and marketers who don't know better. Problem is they keep making it impossible to learn how to become a   #socialmediamarketer   on their platform. Any   #SMB  needs enough stability to plan, test and learn. If, by the time a book is in print, a major   #marketingtool  is eliminated ROI is impossible. 

The other curios point is the way Gary explains the tool it can ONLY help marketers understand content that WORKS. Trying to support spam in sponsored stories is cost prohibitive therefore learning happens before the second round (the spammy round) where marketers try to force their intentions on an unsuspecting public. 

And THAT is perhaps my biggest Facebook issue. I've been a marketer since selling bar soap for P&G back in the day and I LOVE connecting with people, talking about what they think and learning what we should do. Is LISTENING a challenge for Type A marketers? Sure, be we are getting it and working hard at "the new marketing". 

We are doing our part. We are holding up our side and to only be met with the kind of "you are guilty" attitude Facebook has had from the jump is really starting to tick me off. Facebook's content marketing goals and MY or OUR marketing goals are aligned.

Facebook MUST stop treating us (#marketers) like we SUCK and are SPAMMERS. We wan to tell GREAT stories and understand how to do that on Facebook. No wait, we can't because the minute we do they will take away, eliminate or tell us to go you know what ourselves once again. 

And that, in a nutshell, is why Facebook SUCKS for Imers like me. Hope others will share or argue for FB, but it feels like I've been to this rodeo before and ate nothing but dirt then (lol).
Facebook will retire Sponsored Story advertisements beginning April 9.  Marty Note Wow, no sooner than I finish Gary Vaynerchuk's amazing explanation of about the value of Facebook's Sponsored Stories than I read Facebook will be eliminating them on April 9th. Eliminating something a distinguished Internet marketing guru spends several pages of his latest book touting is the problem with Facebook marketing in a nutshell. Marketers are used to mov...
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Sadly +Gary Vaynerchuk remains wedded to Facebook no matter how much the screw the marketing world, and then he dismisses G+ in the same book. 

Gary is a smart guy and a great speaker, but he's going to end up with a lot of egg on his face for his social marketing advice. 
Thanks +Mark Traphagen and +Stephen Glasskeys and I guess I haven't gotten to his dismissal of +Google+ and agree with your sentiment Mark and can back it up with numbers. I've created no fewer than 10 #SWOT  (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis and G+ kept coming up as blue oceans across five very different business verticals. 

If you are in #fashion , to select one example, Facebook is NOTHING but a red ocean of people with millions of Likes. With the way #edgerank  works now the time it would take a startup to compete is....well forever. Inevitably when I turned the lens on G+ it was nothing but blue. This "Shop The Hangout" is a cool example of the infinite possibilities of a "tool set" not a social network (at least not in the normal sense). Those who think and use G+ in nonlinear ways stand to make BIG BUCKS and create the kind of #SEO  castle we used to dream about back when it was possible to build such a castle (lol). M 
+Dustin W. Stout had challenged Gary V to a debate about the usefulness of G+, and last I heard Gary V had said they should set something up, but haven't heard more.
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