Lessons In Social Business From Screaming Owl
Find amazing email that started our lesson in creating a social business here: http://screamingowl.com/lucy-handbag-giveaway-to-help-fight-cancer/

Yesterday Morgan Oney, founder of Screaming Owl "Hot Deals For Moms And The Little Ones They Love", shared a valuable lesson in how to create a #socialbusiness .

Does a social business generate results? Before Morgan's email yesterday http://www.curecancerstarter.org had 231 Facebook LIKES and a few shares. As of this morning 2,048 and many more shares than any post we ever shared.

What lessons can we learn from Screaming Owl?

* Define Your Tribe (moms and the little ones they love).
* Define Your Mission (hot deals).
* Align mission with something the web does well (communication).
* Find tools to help create sense of urgency (the picture below is a great example of a feedback loop tool that really works).
* Be Personal - Morgan's email has a great and authentic voice because it shared a tough personal experience but did so in an inspirational way.
* Give something of value away.
* Enlist and enroll (by sharing or donating Screaming Owl moms up the ante and receive more chances to win the bag).
* Short deadlines (3 days and on to the next thing).

If you don't know about Screaming Owl you should since they are creating a social business and that is where we are all headed: http://screamingowl.com/ . Thanks to Morgan for her help, passion and coaching.
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