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*Dead Man Typing - CrowdFunde Triangle Startup App Is IN!
So this whole "not sleeping" thing used to be a lot easier back before the Big C came to visit and....well 30 years ago (lol). Our #startup #incubator application for +Triangle StartUp Factory is IN!

You can watch a video of me "splaining" the CrowdFunde concept to Chris and Dave on YouTube (with a special guest cameo from Lucian the crazy cat:

Not exactly sure what I typed there at the end (lol).

Hope you will FOLLOW Don't look at yet as it isn't aligned with what we just shared with Chris and Dave.

Thanks to +Smashing Boxes +Frank Pollock & +Phil Buckley for help, guidance and friendship. Wish us LUCK and let us know if you want to help create CrowdFunde where we suggest you invest in the world AND yourself :).M

Now trying to actually get to sleep should be fun (lol). M
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