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GooglePlus Rocks
+B.L. Ochman and +David F Leopold created a great HangOut about +Google+ today. Here is video from the hangout: Understanding How To Use Google Business Technology for YOUR 2014 Marketing/Sales Plan

"Google Plus is a Sea Change in interactive communication it is NOT a social net," well said. "There's never been a tool like it," B. L. said and she is so right.

Thanks to them both! Marty

BTW, in the final third they discuss GPlus in the fashion space. Since +Atlantic BT has several customers in the space I've looked hard at all social nets and G+ in fashion and, without exception, a fashion customer can make more progress faster in the BLUE OCEAN that is GPlus for them than on any other social net.

Bear in mind B. L.'s excellent note that G+ is a revolution in communication NOT a social net. If your fashion company is new and your competitors already have millions of Facebook likes you may wish to look hard at +Google+.

Here is an easy way to see if that is where you should focus. Look at Twitter followers, Facebook likes and GPlus follows. I bet GPlus is under by more than half so Go Go GO :).
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Thank you so much Martin for the kind words.
Thanks +B.L. Ochman for being such an articulate G+ spokesperson. It never ceases to amaze me how many SMBs prefer to slog it out in other social nets instead of jumping in the big BLUE OCEAN that is +Google+.  Your comment about GPlus being a revolution in online communication and referring to it as a tool is perfectly said. As a former Director Of Ecom I share your love for B2C and GPlus feels like some of the most amazing and apparently secret weapons available. Feels like I understand those secrets a little better after watching your HangOut today. Well done and thanks again. Marty
You make excellent points regarding allocation of resources. We hear that we should be picky about where we spend our time as content marketers. I view G+ as a similar opportunity (but very different platforms) as Slideshare. There is an engaging community there with the ability to make a difference. It's not as overcrowded with blah, blah, blah. And I simply love the visual construct of G+ NOW - I need to allocate my time a bit differently to explore the opportunities.
Great Comment +Marti Konstant and if I had a dollar for each time I've had this conversation about resource allocation I could buy us all dinner. The point +B.L. Ochman made that really resonated with me is +Google+ is a "revolution in online communication" and a "tool".

Those comments frame what I've been feeling since G+ doesn't quack like a social network. I do a lot of research where I look at follows across social nets in a competitive space. Rare that a SMACK DOWN is happening in G+ while I've seen entire verticals like the sports business segment take what was open (NorthFace owned Facebook so Oakley concentrated on Twitter and Patagonia blogged).

Hang Outs, Communities (that generate PageRank) and long form content with great conversations feels like a powerful TOOL to me too. Thinking of G+ as a tool may mean creating a new means of evaluation, evaluation apart from other social nets.

Here is what I mean:

* Hangouts may cheaply solve Video Marketing needs (wish HOs were a little more CRISP and not so apt to be BUGGY though).
* Communities become viable User Generated Content Plaforms (something I paid $30K for as a Dir Ecom).
* The instant feedback loop of say my friend +Mark Traphagen who, with 70K followers, effectively becomes a "mini-Google".

With #semanticweb around the corner and this amazing tool here now can there be any doubt that our futures will be tied to figuring new ways to harness the power B. L. and +David F Leopold discussed so well?

Mind you, I don't think we have our marketing minds half wrapped around "tool" or "not a social net" yet, but sure would like to be the first to win that race :). Marty
+Martin W. Smith  you started a compelling conversation here. I started working HOs early on. I created a Marketing Hack Chat and an Agile Learning Channel about 1 1/2 years ago - just to get started. The HOs were buggy yet powerful. The challenge is that I typically spent the first 20 minutes helping people to set up their participation.

It has gotten better, though. I also worked with +Jane Boyd and +April Ennis to create an experiment called Startup Jam, a weekly conversation where we discussed the tools of technology and running a business.

One of the most powerful aspects, however of G+ is the community development function with special groups. +Paul Biedermann started a Design Group about 6 months ago and now has 1200 members. Very active conversations and so engaging. I have met some substantial design thinkers in this group.

The power of brand management and thought leadership development is incredibly powerful.

Thanks for helping me to remember why I like G+ and Google HOs so much in the early days.
+Marti Konstant Too cool and thanks for the great follows and friends. Startup Jam sounds very cool. I spent the morning at a startup event and am headed back there by the end of the year  to create my 5th company and toss the 401k to the wind again (lol). 

Ping me when you do something fun and I will do the same. Marty 
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