GooglePlus Rocks
+B.L. Ochman and +David F Leopold created a great HangOut about +Google+ today. Here is video from the hangout: Understanding How To Use Google Business Technology for YOUR 2014 Marketing/Sales Plan

"Google Plus is a Sea Change in interactive communication it is NOT a social net," well said. "There's never been a tool like it," B. L. said and she is so right.

Thanks to them both! Marty

BTW, in the final third they discuss GPlus in the fashion space. Since +Atlantic BT has several customers in the space I've looked hard at all social nets and G+ in fashion and, without exception, a fashion customer can make more progress faster in the BLUE OCEAN that is GPlus for them than on any other social net.

Bear in mind B. L.'s excellent note that G+ is a revolution in communication NOT a social net. If your fashion company is new and your competitors already have millions of Facebook likes you may wish to look hard at +Google+.

Here is an easy way to see if that is where you should focus. Look at Twitter followers, Facebook likes and GPlus follows. I bet GPlus is under by more than half so Go Go GO :).
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