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4AM Waking Dream About Startups, Content Curation & Why You Shouldn't Find A "Job"
Not sure if I slept last night (lol). Working on my +Triangle StartUp Factory application for (due tomorrow will be in today) and was obsessively designing, destroying and re-designing the homepage when I realized something (or dreamed it lol).

Trends such as #mobile , #smarthomes , #internetofthings and #invisiblemoney form great new BUCKETS for #contentcuration . Every content curator has mental buckets and themes we curate.

#startups are great leading indicators. Startup #entrepreneurs live five minutes ahead. They must THINK about where the world will be when they finish their project, and they invest their most valuable asset - their time.

Don't believe TIME is your most valuable asset? You can always make more money, time on the other hand... Wish I understood Time's truth when I was 25 since I would have started my first company long before turning 40 (lol).

Why You Are Never Out of Work
My last day as Marketing Director for +Atlantic BT was 12.1. Technically I'm unemployed. I've been "unemployed" before. I took a year to ride a bicycle across America and raise funds for #cancerresearch   in 2010.

I left on Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer (forgive me for being a Marketing guy and so loving to name things, create websites to support them and etc... :). I wasn't "unemployed" I was paying myself to have an adventure.

Had a chance to speak to the +Raleigh Jaycees last week about "finding a job in a digital age". The advice I forgot to share is simple - DON'T FIND A JOB!

Life is way too short to worry or sleep our way through it, a fault I've been guilty of when younger and time seem much more expandable and infinite (lol). Companies always paid me what I thought was a lot of money (when I was in my 20s and 30s). Money, it turns out, is strange.

The more we WANT money and organize our lives to get it the less likely we are to make it. If that sounds like confusing CATCH-22 you are are on the right track.

When you LOVE something it shows.

When your PASSION and JOY are all in it shows. Who can afford to hire anyone to do the minimum anymore? If you don't LOVE what you do find something you do love and figure out how to make money from it since THEN and only then your TIME investment is protected, sure to pay returns and life is in balance.

If that last sentence sounds like a reformed sleep walker you aren't too far wrong. Better to wake up LATE than NEVER (is my thinking lol). I empathize and understand. I always write more courageous than I actually am (lol).

Is it SCARY to bet all on an idea? Yes!

Does my "muscle memory" long for the validation, seeming "stability" and rewards offered by letting someone else cover the big costs? Yes. Deep in our lizard brains we believe in old illusions, primordial concepts long destroyed by Moore's law.

Moore's law noted how much computing power we were gaining even as costs went down. Moore noticed the digital revolution quantifying it into a law and least you think "revolution" is too generous a word try finding a job by applying online (you have as much chance as winning the lottery).

So many of the faces turned my way at the Jaycees the other night as I filled in for +Phil Buckley (as if that was possible lol) looked worried, tired and confused. The advice I forgot to share is DON'T WAIT.

Waiting, in this day and age, is for suckers.

You aren't "out of work" you are working for yourself and you should always be working for yourself (some). You and a growing army since soon will be "working for ourselves". There are no "corporate fathers" these days. Moore's law killed corporations as DAD (lol).

Someone talked to me about wanting to "get into training". Training is exploding since no one can KNOW anything for very long anymore. Tough gig to find though. What company spends money training anyone anymore? A: No Company. Training is a great gig to START since we all need training.

STARTING, especially when you are paying yourself anyway, is the secret sauce of #Internetmarketing . Many people attended the "LinkedIn Training" the other night wanting the illusive and nonexistent silver bullet.

They (and we) want the one thing to do to solve all other things.

LOL, how we continue to believe in silver bullets even as every day of our lives teaches different lessons is a mystery, a meme that just won't die. Deep down we know nothing in life is free even if someone makes it look FREE and EASY on TV or in the movies. Watch the credits roll after watching your next movie and calculate $5K per person. FREE? Hardly (lol).

Do some work everyday for yourself.

I am not suggesting you NOT be a loyal soldier if you "work for the man" since being loyal is important. I am suggesting that your loyalty to yourself isn't being selfish or robbing your employer.

One of the most interesting conversations I had at +Atlantic BT was just after I joined as Marketing Director. My boss shared that they felt a previous blogger stole from them. They believed the blogger was using ABT resources to enrich his digital bank account. They were worried I would do the same.

I'm grateful for this suspicion since it was the first chance I had to think about the COMMONS and how it works. I let my boss know three things:

* My Klout score was much higher than ABT's (so I couldn't "steal" from them lol).
* I would put my digital assets to work right along with theirs in a "commons".
* The rising tide created by the "commons" should lift both boats, but theirs more since they were lower in the water.

I went on to explain I would walk right up to the red "spamming" line putting my little digital "kingdom" to work for the company. Yes, I would also use company assets such as the PR6 website and PR5 blog to add value to the commons. In the end, we would both win.

My Klout score at start was 45 and it moved to a consistent 65, a 62% increase. ABT's Klout score moved from 18 to 50, a 292% increase. The rising tide we created together lifted both boats.

If you are "out of work" or hate your job CREATE A RISING TIDE, develop a commons, and PLEASE keep in mind you can always make more money. TIME is a different thing entirely.
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I'm glad you didn't sleep. This is a terrific post. Thank you for all of the insights.
I've been there. Haha. As startup founders we inevitably have a sleepless night or two when we just lay there thinking about all the possibilities, all the problems, and all the things we have to do.
+Martin W. Smith Love what you shared here Marty, and you know I definitely relate to so many of the things you said.
+Martin W. Smith. Awesome post. I want to thank you helping me reorient my goals. I realize have been slowly giving up on many ideas because I thought I was getting too old - but I'm not (although I'm a bit older than you). I have health, desire and "time" is relative - but can't be wasted. Great article! Life for the taking!
I love this riff +Martin W. Smith. At my last training gig there was a woman in her early 50's in the class. Midway through day one she lamented that she was keeping her head down working even though she didn't feel like she was doing the quality of work she should have been.

At the end of day 2, she told me that something had clicked for her and that she needed to be accountable to herself first, and if that didn't work for her boss, that was ok. She stopped looking at things from a position of weakness and realized she has 30 years of experience and talent.

You're right Marty, those realizations rarely appear when we're 18, but they're valuable when they finally click for us. 
Thanks +Jack Perry +Derek Janis and +Stephen J Dow and +jan gordon +Mark Traphagen and +Phil Buckley for sharing and being great friends. My favorite note was from +Cole Rayne who shared she agreed and disagreed somewhat :).

Thanks to all and my Free Internet Marketing Saturday meeting went long so may have to sleep BEFORE I write to +Triangle StartUp Factory my desire to start my 4th company. How does one knows college is a long way? Pull an allnighter and feel the PAIN.  I seem to remember back to back allnighters then with little or no pain :). M
Why You Don't Need To Work THERE Anyway
One of the questions that came up the other night was how many recommendations a LinkedIn profile needed to have. This issue came up at the Raleigh Jaycees the other night.

"Some companies won't interview or hire you unless you ave at least 3 LinkedIn recommendations," one of the worried attendees noted.  I'm afraid my, "Don't work there," quip sounded too curt and short.

What I meant to say was REALLY Don't Work there. Any company who understands our changing digital landscape so poorly won't be around long or you can't learn anything there anyway so RUN.

Another example in the same vein is requiring Klout scores to be a certain level or not interview or offer. Don't work there either. This stuff moves so fast any rules making company, any company so obsessed with quantifying unquantifiable things like your contribution and potential don't deserve you anyway.

Those power hungry rules makers are dead men walking They are "powerful" zombies and they don't know it. Our intuition knows who to avoid. We know how we are treated in an interview, akin to a first date when everyone is on their best behavior, better be EXCEPTIONAL or the experience of working there is going to SUCK (lol).

Don't work for places that SUCK.

Don't take their interviews and the minute someone says they require a certain number of LI recommendations or a Klout score RUN. Any company that stupid shouldn't occupy a MOMENT of your time.

When someone or some institution perceives they have POWER over you and they do anything other than use perceived power carefully, with LOVE and grace then you should RUN. Don't hesitate and don't think they must know something because of trappings or their airs.

Any business is full of ups and downs.

Today's complex marketing and tech requires being KIND even when everything goes to crap, especially when everything goes to crap. Because someone perceives that they have power over you doesn't make them RIGHT or actually mean they have in power over you.

The only one with "power over you" is you at all times and in all situations.

If something doesn't feel or seem right it isn't. If someone treats you bad once it may be an outlier. If a company asks you a single stupid question forgive them and move on. If a company makes a rule like how many LI recs you have to have RUN!

You MUST value your time. I don't mean "value" as in you need money for  your time, but you do need quality experience. You need care and you need love. Companies who will survive the revolution will be calm, gracious and caring. They will know every moment is connected as we are all connected.

To make a rule like how many LI recs you must have indicates such a poor understanding of #socialmediamarketing , such an abuse of the idea of #SMM   when you run you won't be alone (lol). I've had interviews where I've taken Meyers-Briggs-like psychological tests and all but been asked to hold my foot while I rubbed my head :).

I empathize and understand. A company wants a guarantee these days. Are you going to hurt or help them. Dear companies, welcome to the world where selling anything requires people LOVE you well enough to put their time and social assets at your disposal.

Power is an illusion inside a riddle that must be used like the live ammunition it is - so with great CARE. Treat a musician's guitar wrong and not hear his pleas for help and BANG you create a million dollar PR problem out of thin air.

Google's memory is FOREVER and it levels nothing better than hubris, arrogance and institutional indifference. This connected time EATS indifference. Passion matters. Presence matters. Love matters. 

Do what you love with people you love always and forever.
so TRUE +Martin W. Smith. Any job I have ever taken where the interview was about similar irrelevancies and false measurements ended up causing me regret.
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