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Couple day ago I wrote a piece about making your brand EPIC on Scenttrail Marketing ( ). Those six tips may become increasingly important as #personalbrands factor into who hires you and why.

In my last job as Director Marketing for +Atlantic BT I had an interesting conversation with the company's founders not long after they hired me. "Martin we are afraid you are going to steal from us," was a statement that got my attention.

Turns out they felt "stolen from" because the person in my position before spent so much time blogging for themselves they felt short changed and were worried I would do the same. Stunned I did some research.

Sure enough they were right. Then I explained the difference between me and their former marketing manager. "I can't 'steal' from you," I explained sharing a spreadsheet with our Klout scores. My score was 45 and theirs was 18.

I explained that instead of "stealing" from them I would create a "content commons" where we would both contribute valuable digital resources. The commons would grow in power and be capable of paying us both back.

Yes my Klout score would go up, but theirs would go up more as the content commons created a rising tide capable of lifting both brands (theirs and mine). At the end of the first year of #contentmarketing and #contentcuration their web traffic doubled, another record sales year was in the books AND their Klout score was up 292% (from 18 to 50). My Klout score rose 62% from 45 to 65).

The ART of creating a "content comments" is knowing how to walk right up to the allowable line and then walk back. Early on I noticed I couldn't do things like RT within my Twitter accounts. Better to create a slightly different tweet.

It is important to create original content and that means you might need to dig almost the same ditch many times, but creating original content is a must. Since their servers are on contiguous blocks (not randomized as I would have preferred) taking EXTRA care about what linked to what and how often was required.

Required because YOU can't elevate YOU in Googleland. Elevation comes from the confirmations of others. What you CAN DO is use owned assets intelligently to increase content spread and density. By having more hooks in the water we could catch more fish.

Despite what were CLEAR content marketing benefits they remained skeptical. "Where's the ROI," was the concern that replaced the fear I would steal their digital assets. I've been creating #Internetmarketing for a long time. One lesson is to ASSUME benefit when something dramatic and positive happens.

If your web traffic doubles AND you have a record sales year assume benefit from one passed to the other. Could I have drilled to bedrock and proved the 2 +2 = 4 value? Yes, but I didn't because that kind of deep dive can take weeks.

Since the chances were good no matter what gold I found while diving so deep wouldn't be believed anyway I decided NOT to do the dive. Interesting to note their PageRank and Klout are down (Klout to 40 and PR from 6 to 5 as major competitors remained PR6s) AFTER I left :). I could deep dive those loses and predict how painful too, but they wouldn't believe that either so why dive (lol). M
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