Marketing: Moving From SaaS To Movement & Community
NOTE: We created a +Curagami blog post on why +Haiku Deck rocks:

The note below is a riff I shared with Haiku Deck on the tricky movement that awaits them. The movement from SaaS to #movement and #community may be the challenge of our time.

 Here is what I shared with Haiku Deck in a comment:

Comment on Haiku Deck
Thanks for the share and comment. Feels like the very UNIQUE challenge of helping people understand your tool is the Good News / Bad News problem. Good news is Haiku Deck is like Power Point + Slide Share.

While that statement is TRUE it is also very LIMITING. The secret is in your name HAIKU = how you + Ted Talks are curing every presenter of the interminable #powerpoint (death by Powerpoint).

Haiku Deck is SO MUCH MORE. Your image tagging is so good we not ONLY use you to connect with the perfect image we also use Haiku Deck to suggest THREADS and pieces of our stories.

Many times your image suggestions add important threads to our decks. Ideas we didn't see UNTIL exploring your keyword based image suggestions. Haiku Deck is so beautifully intuitive. Your tool is so much more POWERFUL an IDEA than PP or Slideshare your being mentioned with them to start understanding, as helpful as that is, can be limiting.

Slideshare does some POWERFUL #seo mojo. We think that mojo comes from the nature of the pubic facing profile (why I've been pushing so hard for you to go there). Once a network's nodes are public the FABRIC of the network morphs and changes rapidly.

We see the impact on As the network displaces more of the web's "fabric" it creates the kind of gravity networks call "hubs". As the network scales, they reached 1,000,000 members at the end of last year, the commons has so much displacement the right engineering means they create their own weather.

Their rising tide lifts all boats anchored in their "commons". "Create your own weather" must be the goal of every online community. Once you leave the safe SaaS shores, which you did when you created your galleries, online community becomes equal in importance to continued tool development.

The NATURE of your product shifts from SaaS only to SaaS in order to create online #community . BOTH are full time jobs so it is easy to do either poorly. At Curagami we believe the KEY is developing an "Ambassador" level and off loading as much of the curatorial work as possible as soon as possible.

Think of Wikipedia. The "cause" of Wikipedia produces sacrifice and a willingness to join a MOVEMENT. We know this "movement marketing" requires a few things such as:

* Ability for members to easily speak to and follow each other.
* Consistent curation of content across the network (by the sponsor initially and then by members).
* Easy to speak to and influence community sponsors.
* Defined and public guidelines for key activities (posting, sharing, rewarding).
* A slow but steady changing of the guard from sponsors to members.
* A COMMON Enemy.

That last one can be tricky but isn't for Haiku Deck since "Death by Powerpoint" is your "common enemy". The net effect of your "Popular" and "Featured" galleries is to put a stake in the heart of those absurd slides with 1,000 words on them.

The trickiest moment in any brand's or company's community's movement in marketing from controlled communication created by sponsors to featuring User Generated Content ( #ugc ) is deciding WHO gets featured and why. Featuring one ignores another. Communities don't have to be democracies, but if criteria (to be featured) aren't understood "community" becomes "club".

Anyway, its late and I'm rambling, but this next move is THE move - the move from "tool" to "movement, from "Saas" to "community". Good luck and let me and team Curagami know if we can help. M
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