Becomes CrowdFunde Partner #2
MetabolismMagic wants to help. Dr. Caroline Smith (my sister), shares exercise and nutrition tips. We are excited that Dr. Smith has asked to add +CrowdFunde to her growing practice and website. 

We plan to offer triathletes, exercise coaches, trainers and nutritionists a board where they can share their latest inventions and dreams. Starting a CrowdFunde board for reminds me of a great ski instructor my father knew. 

I wish I could remember this "mountain man's" name. He was tall, an amazing skier, coach and teacher. He wore a strange hat that looked like a big round dome. He created one of the first "granola bars" I ever ate (this was 30 years ago) because he didn't like paying for bad food at the lodge. 

His granola bars were amazing. They tasted great, were made with "high energy" ingredients like nuts, raisins and honey and would have found a ready market if the mountain man with the dome hat had a place to share his invention and ask for help. MetabolismMagic's crowdfunding board will help other mountain men, triathlete women, nutritionists who want to create the next HAMMER and equipment nerds find funding, support and connection. 

Going to be FUN. I think we are now down to our last 2 partners for CrowdFunde (will know by the end of the day). One partnership is reserved to help a nonprofit. The other partnership we would like to give to:

* Doctor.
* Lawyer (especially one who helps #startups  )
* Real Estate broker (with vision). 
* B2C ecommerce. 
* B2B SaaS seller. 

Learn more about how to "enter" our CrowdFunde Partnership contest: 
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