Embrace The Weird To Make The Cash: Hire The Next Steve Jobs
What is it in our DNA (personal and corporate) that makes us crave the false God of security? If our digital revolution teaches anything it is that "security" is so transient its value is zero.

Think of "security" this way. By the time you achieve it the world has moved on removing the value from that achievement. This is another way of saying you are never more insecure than when you believe you are secure.

One of the lessons the Big C taught me was where security is really located. Security is located in the love you create. When you love what you do your skills increase and so too your "security". As long as you pay the ticket to ride, the commitment to continuing education and passion, then your security increases.

If this sounds like you must spin like a top it isn't quite that bad. It is important to learn to love the bomb (lol). I paraphrase  Stanley Kurick's Dr. Strangelove because the image of Slim Pickins riding that big bomb with a whoop and a holler as he swings his cowboy hat is the kind of embrace we could all learn from.

Not embracing our mortality as much as our weirdness. Seth Godin wrote an excellent book titled We Are All Weird. His point is HIRE the next Steve Jobs if you are lucky enough to meet him because the benefits of the journey you will attack together with love and passion creates the kind of character that would help you and your company whoop and holler too :).

The most secure thing to do is to attack the problem with joy, magic and passion. When you do that "security" is created even if the last thing you want to do is rest on those laurels.
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