Writing these "Quick" SEO Tips for Content Marketers Tool All Day (lol)
Turns out writing "Quick TIps" is HARD :). Since each of these 5 SEO Tips For Content Marketers could take 1,000 words or more I didn't try to create an exhaustive post.

Instead I shared direct experience with each tip, provided my favorite references to learn more and hope that formula helps #contentmarketers learn enough #SEO their content doesn't have an anchor around its neck.

The anchor analogy is apt for our #newSEO . Gone are the days when SEO manipulation alone could win top listings, lots of traffic, fame and the G. I. Joe with the Kung Fu Grip. Today's SEO is a "can hurt you, more than it helps you" situation. As I explained in this +jan gordon Curatti.com post so called "technical SEO" can reduce a GREAT post to GOOD and a GOOD post to "no one will ever see it".

The big irony is some of the bear traps I hope this post helps YOU avoid are built into our new tools. Do you put content into multiple categories on your WordPress Blog? Whoops, unless you are use canonicalization you are a DUPER.

Dupers are people who knowingly or unknowingly duplicate content either from OUTSIDE their site or, and this is the most common error, within their website or blog. Duplicating content is EASY to do and nothing GOOD comes from it. You don't want Google to have to figure out if you meant that content to be in your "Content Marketing" or "Branding" categories.

Google doesn't play "guess the content" they just do things like cut the rank in half or tossing that post you and your team work so hard to create. Ever notice when you use site:yoururl.com in Google THEIR pagecount rarely matches yours?

Google doesn't credit "dupe content" they toss it. Problem is we ALL have to be DUPERS at some point (no matter what), so learn how to be a safe Duper.

Here are the 5 SEO Tips For content marketers:

* Learning To Dupe Content Safely.
* Creating Safe Content Curation.
* Little Things Matter.
* Keywords are our friends.
* Its a SoLoMo world.

Do any two of these tips and you will get a nice bump in traffic, conversion and profits. How can SEO tips help with conversion? That is a great question and one any Internet marketer should ask and you probably already know the answer.

What happens when traffic comes from BETTER, more relevant sources? You guessed it, you convert more. In all the talk about "SEO is Dead" few discuss the backroom ways SEO will never be dead such as tuning a website to its audience so conversions go up even as costs go down.

Hope these ideas help content marketers understand how to be careful, understand and play on the entire board and learn to play backgammon, chess and poker simultaneously since this is the business we've chosen :). Marty
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