Launch Day is Tomorrow 10.16.13
I just wrote on Facebook that there are days in life when you know your life will never be the same. When you get married, graduate or have children you know your journey's path is about to change in predictable and unpredictable ways. 

Tomorrow is one of those days for me as we launch out into the world and attempt to touch a match to a new cancer research revolution. It is 10:00 PM and I'm in bed, or what my brother Drew calls my "other office". 

To say it has been a long strange trip to get here would be a vast understatement and a disservice to the Grateful Dead. Tomorrow we lucky few attempt the impossible as we attempt to to change the world.

It is a world in need of change. The "War on Cancer" is over and we lost. Now its time for a new cancer research revolution powered by #tech  and social media, but the old dragons don't give up without a fight.

I'm betting on the power of 14M people living with #cancer  in America, their friends and family. I've bet on the kindness of strangers in BIG WAYS before. 

One bet saved my life (several times) as my white blood cell count spiked above 30,000 (now 3 times). Another bet was to get me on a bicycle across America. It is true what Nietzsche said, What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Stronger and I've never been so glad to see an ocean in my life (after 60 days of hard riding).

I don't feel very "strong" as I write this (more like a zombie actually), but WE are strong and about to get stronger. Every bet I've made on the kindness of strangers has come in BIG. Now I've doubled down, pushed all the chips in and am hoping, with you and your friends help, tomorrow is the first day in something we will soon take for granted.

We will take for granted the idea that cancer patients, their friends and families HELP fund, create and push how and what cancer research is and will be. Once we use the WEB and SOCIAL MEDIA to bring cancer researchers, great cancer research institutions and caregivers together with cancer patients, their friends and families everything is possible and we will create a new cancer revolution. 

You and I may not know each other, but we are brothers and sisters. We are in a family whose invitation to greatness just arrived. We stand at our graduation, marriage and birth. We stand on the corner of a day sure to change the world...and how cool is that? How many such opportunities does one get in this life?

Thanks for getting us here, now get ready to be part of something special, something that will save lives from the very FIRST donation, tweet, PlusOne and Facebook post about it. Everything you do matters and is appreciated and important.

Thank you. Thank you for my life and for the lives of those you are about to save. Thank You and yes YOU ROCK!

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