Google Plus Hangouts On Air: Why SO Important
I embedded my friend +Nikol Murphy's Slideshare on Google Plus Hangouts On Air because I can't think of more disruptive content than hangouts. Hangouts combine the best elements of #SMM (Social Media Marketing) such as:

* Community Creation.
* Happening in REAL TIME (i.e. NOW).
* Authentic & Honest.
* Exciting and Engaging.

with the best elements of content marketing such as:

* Teaching, Learning, Listening.
* Creates 360 view of brands, companies and people.
* Fun, Funny and Entertaining.

for a POWERFUL synergy. G+ Hangouts may be the MOST POWERFUL under utilized tool out there. We've been tracking an underlying trend.

The further our marketing gets from real time (or near real time) the less impact it has. Hangouts happen NOW and are flawed in the way spontaneous communications are, but amazing, honest and engaging.

If you know a better way to engage customer HEARTS and MINDS please share because I DO NOT. Here is the real kicker - content created via hangouts on air auto-generated a YouTube video. How cool is THAT?

You reach hearts and minds NOW and LATER. You can mashup and edit several hangouts together to create training, ebooks and cool emails.

The mere fact you are willing to HANG OUT sens a powerful CONFIDENT signal. The SCRIPT is becoming a thing of the past. Marketing happens NOW, or at least the best of it does, and you are going to want to be on this G+ Hangout train.

That said, the technology is still, as a friend recently tweeted, "not enterprise ready". That is why the linked Slideshare from Nikol is so important if you are DIYing. I have an advantage - I hire Nikol.

Nikol has run several Hangouts On Air and they've been flawless. Flawless NOT because there weren't issues (there were), but flawless because Nikol and her team know how to solve problems with the tech in real time in a way that preservers your audience (they and I as the presenter never even knew there were issues).

Hangouts are COOL and MUST HAVE content for any company, brand or personal brand, but make sure you KNOW how to create one without flaws or you risk having your audience only remember the flaws.
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