Internet Marketers Dueling In The Sun Over NOTHING - The GPlus Mystery
WARNING :), its late after a hard and stressful day. When I am this punchy my mind wanders into strange nooks and explores topics that I may not fully understand yet. One way I "explore" and "clarify" is to WRITE. 

I'm not an idiot, or not mostly (lol). I've noticed that big beautiful pictures with fun or funny content get lots of engagement. I LOVE to curate and share that kind of content first thing in the morning as it sets a positive tone for the day. 

This post isn't that (lol). It's not BAD or BORING (if you do what we do for a living anyway my sister would already be asleep). This post is about how to MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS from an offhand comment my friend +Mark Traphagen made at a conference last week. If that is of some interest read on. Please FORGIVE any spelling or grammar snafus as I'm too tired to clean this up. 

How to Make Millions Online
Maybe its the lemmings thing. We see everyone crowded into the same small ocean forced to destroy each other at ever more rapid rates and our first desire is to join in. We want to do "the right thing". 

I'm a +Chris Brogan freak (reading his new book now and it rocks and is an easy read). In prep school I wanted to FIT IN. Remember high school when FITTING IT was all? 

How well does WANTING to fit in work in such shark invested waters? Answer: Not very well. When I went to college I decided to BELONG but to never "FIT IN"again. 

That last sentence sounds more courageous than my life has been. There were times I swallowed HARD, but I never compromised core values to "fit in" having learned the double jeopardy that results. You LOSE yourself and the harder you chase after LOVE the faster it runs away.

LOVE, I learned the very hard way, comes to the artist who creates a world view that speaks to some universal truth (something bigger than ourselves), communicates those distinct truths in some shareable medium and then suffers the inevitable slings and arrows.

What does "popularity" matter if YOU aren't there to claim it when and if it happens? I like a note Chris just made about immediately going back to work after making the NYT Best Seller List. Instead of resting on laurels he doubled down.

Artists WORK all the time. They work because work is love, work is life. When an artist isn't working they are dislocated and probably moving chess pieces related to their art in their head even as you speak to them.

The +Google+ Mystery
"I can't process one more tool," the exasperated fellow #Internetmarketer  shared at a lunch. G+, for my exasperated friend, was the last straw. Her back was broken and she decided she and her clients could do without G+.

As much as I understand my friend's exasperation I can't tell a better story about how to lose MILLIONS online. The web is an infinite series of increasingly difficult tests - like a +Tough Mudder that just keeps getting HARDER.

The moment you stop, relax or declare victory the web laughs and gives your chair to someone else. Yesterday we discussed why GooglePlus is MAGICAL. I shared numbers from an analysis I'm creating for a client in a high end business.

Here are the "read oceans" (places so competitive they can't support the effort to win them with profits) from that analysis:

* Facebook
* Google Pagespread (building a HUGE number of pages).

On the bubble going fast
* Twitter

WIDE OPEN and there for the taking
* GPlus
* Pinterest 

* YouTube is in this category despite the fact it LOOKS like it belongs one rung up because video is hard to scale so footholds don't equal dominance tomorrow. 

Now the "magic math". When modeling numbers don't STOP with the known elements of the model. ASSUME your model is addressing a more UNIVERSAL TRUTH.

If the paragraph up there was how to LOSE a million without trying this paragraph is how you MAKE a millions with a little effort, effort that gets SMALLER as you go (the magical get more with less ROI unique to the web). 

When you see RED OCEANS like Facebook, Twitter and PageSpread you are actually looking BACK in TIME. Anything saturated now is DEAD MAN WALKING as far as your future #webmarkeing . By the time you WIN Facebook the money you've spent on the win CAN'T BE RECOVERED, so you LOSE. 

Now blur your eyes even more and understand that DEAD MAN WALKING tactics also indicate something more universal. Facebook, Twitter and Pagespread are QUANTITY #socialmediamarketing  tactics 

Quantity tactics are DEAD MAN WALKING. 

I know we are DEEP in the weeds now, but stay with me. We know quantity tactics are dead because of +Mark Schaefer's #contentshock  . We can't all create MORE   #contentmarketing   and not do what we marketers always do - CRUSH the efficacy of anything that works out of existence.

Macro Trends
Now let's expand our vision again and ask if we can see larger tectonic plates shifting. If QUANTITY is over what is next? Quality is too simple an opposite number so let's challenge our thinking to connect more dots.

* YouTube & Video Marketing
* Pinterest & Visual Marketing
* G+ and Connection & Community Marketing

Bet you are seeing some new ground now. Think those macro trends: Video Marketing, Visual Marketing, Connection and Community Marketing on going UP or DOWN? 

SO, our advice, when we share our analysis on Friday, will be to take our friend and G+ MasterBlaster +Mark Traphagen's advice - create video with Hangouts, visual and community marketing and use the powerful tools Google created to wrap it with a bow.

Oh, almost forgot, we will have our POWERFUL "community in a box" tool +CrowdFunde helping too. G+ + +CrowdFunde will create grand castles with big moats capable of keeping the web's inevitable entropy at bay for a bit.  

The impact of being FIRST on that idea is worth literally MILLIONS of dollars. "Sure and you are full of BS," I can hear you thinking and you may be right. Here is an interesting related experience.

When I was a Director of Ecommmerce I changed the top option in the navigation menu to the company's most profitable product. That one idea, a simple menu change, immediately generated $1M in new sales. Over the course of 7 years that one idea was worth somewhere north of $7M bucks topline and even more dramatically owned more than a third of the net net return over that period.

That means that one "little" idea made netted the company MILLIONS and that is the magic of the web - the ability to compound an advantage rapidly via scale. That is the magic of GET MORE with LESS :).

Thanks for coming down the rabbit hole with me to discuss the crazy tendency lemmings have to DUEL IN THE SUN. Don't do that is my advice (lol). Marty  
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