Why Ashton Kutcher Doesn't Signal The End of Days & +Scoop.it Rocks
Forbes is funny. I love their coverage of the digital revolution, but journalists are all about the zero sum. You would think with the tanning most print media are taking that the new "AND instead of OR" journalism may have taken hold. Not so much as it turns out. 

This article is about how on of my favorite tools, Scoop.it, has half a chance to create a "smarter web". Forbes draws the inevitable "end of days" comparison to how celebrity obsessed our culture has become. Surely that petty obsession is BAD. 

Not so much. Yes Asthon Kutcher has millions of followers and why not. Kutcher only seems stupid. Any way you cut it he made more money than I did last year (not that money is necessarily a sign of grace). Kutcher embraced social media from the start and so "stupid is as stupid does" :). 

Forbes is asking the wrong question in the wrong (i.e. old) way. Forbes assumes that NUMBERS matter. I sold my house on Friday in order to put that cash into my Story of Cancer Foundation (501c3 nonprofit created to help create innovative tech to #CureCancer  ). 

I had ONE person look at my house and he paid within 10% of my asking price despite the bank not valuing my property nearly as much as he or I do (banks are playing both sides dumping property that lowers the "selling" price for everyone and then valuing our properties below market). 

The fact that Ashton Kutcher has millions of followers in no way stops me from finding my tribe or my tribe finding me. The web and #InterentMarketing  are NOT zero sum. The web is artistic and it changes all the time.

When I was learning to paint, something I never learned nearly well enough, my professor taught me to hold ideas in my mind that would seem to contradict, to suspend judgement. The Forbes article linked here draws an artificial line in the web's evolving sand. All hope is lost, the article proclaims, because Kutcher has millions of followers. 

Wrong question asked in the wrong way. The right question, especially in the context of evaluating a cool tool such as Scoop.it, is are tribes forming, are we finding each other with increasing ease and speed. The answer to the right question must be a firm YES!

So NO Ashton Kutcher's millions of followers don't signal the end of days and a need to have lots of bottled water and soup in the basement :). 
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