Gizmodo Misses The Point
Gizmodo read Linked: How Everything is Connected To Everything Else by Barabasi and published the 19 degrees that separate every webpage as if it was news today.

The book has been around and Gizmodo missed the point. The point of a connected content network isn't how few connections it takes to tie the entire web together but how few "uber-connectors" or "hubs" form the network.

Authority Rules
Brabasai explains how any content network MUST form hubs. This makes the game clear - become a hub. Google has another name for "hubs". Google calls hubs "authorities" and they regularly dump traffic on "authority" websites because they've earned their PR8s and PR9s.

How do you earn Authority Status?

Sure I tell you, you tell 5M friends and then where are we (lol). Actually there are few secrets left in the world. The easily attainable answer about how your website earns authority status is to know something better than anyone else.

When you know something better than anyone else everyone who is looking for answers about that thing ends up linking to your website. Yeah but there are already a bunch of big gorillas in your website's way, so what should you do?

Disrupt the gorillas by subdividing and disrupting their domain. The web is one huge fractal divided a billion times and then another billion times. If someone owns the high ground you should put a unique spin on a piece of that content.

When I write a piece such as The Magic of Q&A Content I'm disrupting. I've subdivided Content Marketing several times focusing on a single strategy that keyword research kept indicating was important because Q&A content is "over-subscribed" and "under-published".

Don't get hung up on the number of links it takes to get to any page on the web. Understand the mathematical destiny of any content network is to create authorities and then reward those authorities with the More,Faster, Less rule.

More,Faster,Less Rule
The goal of every web marketing team should be to achieve authority status because authority sites gain more control over their business segment with each Google PageRank reset. Authorities such as Amazon have found the secret sauce and so become all but un-catchable.

The benefits of authority status, even on a tiny sliver of content, are so great any content marketing team should be looking for pieces of content that can contribute to a new "authority" award. If you are the authority on purple aliens you might have a long wait until the value of that authority pays off.

If you are the expert on a subset of your business segment ROI is faster and more likely. Choose a subset of your business segment's content and then put a unique spin on it. Stake your claim. You know you've won when others begin using your language or, better yet, adding to your definitions. When others invest in YOUR content your authority status is being reinforced.

BTW, you MUST understand and use Google Author Rank to have half a chance at this game. See my friend +Mark Traphagen work on Google Author Rank for the How To use this new tool that is CORE to creating authority.
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