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Ecommerce & The Next Million Bucks
Helping friends and +CrowdFunde beta partners +Drew Baird, +Nichole Baird and +MoondashAudiodotcom is proving to be FUN. At my core, in my heart, I'm an #ecommerce  merchant. Fun to be back in the tall grass looking for lions, tigers, bears and gold :). 

After 7 years as a Director of Ecommere I left to ride a bicycle across America. Seven Years is a long time to be a Director of Ecommerce. We built two great teams and profitable made $30M over those seven years. 

Problem is #ecom  is stressful. Stress comes from NOT KNOWING and learning to be okay with that. Wish I could tell you I immediate understood the error of trying to CONTROL anything, but those genes die hard (lol). 

The Next Million Bucks
You are probably thinking HOW GREEDY. The reason ecommerce is always about the next million bucks is the EFFORT needed to make $100K vs. $1M online isn't a straight progression thanks to economies of scale and "get more with less". 

If your read that paragraph as it can be at least as hear to make small amounts as big you are getting #Internetmarketing . One of the MOST important ideas is to be DIVERSIFIED across your #marketingchannels . A "marketing channel" is a defined segment that sends traffic and money in response to your marketing. Channels include:

* #SEO  
* #ppc    (Google Paid Ads).
* #emailmarketing  
* Referrals (partnerships).
* Retargeting (ever notice how ads follow you around the web>).
* Not Provided & Other.

Those last two aren't channels as much as Google creations that make doing analysis a true pain (see my note how how to model around Not Provided and branded terms ). 

Let's leave aside the Not provided PAIN for a moment and think about the optimum and well diversified marketing channels needed to win online these days: 

* SEO - 15%.
* Content Marketing 5%%.
* Social Media Marketing 5%
Total 25%

* Email Marketing - 10%.
* PPC - 10%.
* Crowdfunding 5%.
Total 25%

Mobile & Local (if local applies)
* Mobile - 10%.
* Contests & Games 10%. 
* Local - 5%.
Total 25%

* Content Marketing (or inbound Marketing) 10%.
* Content Curation 10%.
* Cause Marketing 5%. 
Total 25%

Your business may have other channels such as events, outbound marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. The point isn't to incorporate every possible channel, there are many, but to show how diversification creates protection for your #internetmarketing  just like it does for your #401k .  

There are many new ideas here I promise to spend more time with when isn't 2 in the morning. The takeaway from this share is you may as well work in scale since the marginal effort to make the next million bucks isn't that much greater than making the next hundred bucks AND be sure to diversify your channels so WHEN stuff goes bump in the night with one channel you can close the gap with the others. 

Night :) M 
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