Klout, Context & Links
"Links will be with us a very long time," +Dixon Jones said today at +Steve Plunkett's #searchex conference in Charlotte. I took a page of notes and will be writing a blog post for +jan gordon's http://www.curatti.com tonight (after dinner w/ +Phil Buckley  & friends).

My post will be about what we "inherit" from links, how +Curagami is built to connect to +Majestic SEO like a glove on a hand and why the future is about #context long before #content even comes into play. Great stuff and a perfect primer for my upcoming FedEx #ecommerc Strategies keynote on Wednesday in #Raleigh .    

Picture of Dixon below shows a slide where he discussed a few of the things links provide. Links are the cement Google is built upon and so we agree. Links will be with us and a valuable source of #marketing context and #businessintelligence for a long time.
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