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Martin Wescott Smith
Internet marketer, cancer survivor & startups entrepreneur
Internet marketer, cancer survivor & startups entrepreneur

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SEO Who Loves Ya Baby?
It wasn't that the Jeff Bullas or Forbes SEO pieces were wrong. They weren't, but they would be easy to misinterpret. Jeff and Forbes made it sound like an end creates the SEO means.

Jeff suggested five tips to "rank on page one". If you want to rank on page one going after it like that won't work. But SEO and life are confusing. There once was a time when technical tweaks could win the day. Not so much anymore.

These days the inspirational power of your stories, the collaborations you develop and your digital listening skills are all more likely tactics to create a path to page one than keyword research or the length of your posts.

Everything is the "new" SEO is complicated. Complicated by NOISE, social media, and too much distortion too little signal. If your stories don't inspire, wow, and enlist then everything else is moot as we share in this +Curagami post: 

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Perfect Sliders
Sliders on web pages can be tricky. Not so much thanks to this comprehensive +Smashing Magazine post on how to design sliders for fun and profit: 

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Joel Rae's Magical Realism
We love the "new surrealism" of Australian artist Joel Rae. His Tiger on the Corner is our favorite, but several other Rae paintings resonate too. Learn more on +Curagami:

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Ecommerce Lessons From Doomfist
When a product like +Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch adds five million members in a quarter reaching more than thirty million now there are lessons to be learned. This +Curagami post shares five e-commerce steals from video game developers.

* Create Great Products
* Develop Community and then Listen, Learn, and Change
* Give customers chances to collaborate and personalize
* Forge badges, banners, and other rewards
* Define how rewards are earned but don’t forget serendipity and surprise

Doomfist is a great name and Blizzard's intelligent marketing means fifty million players are right around the corner. Are you a gamer? What other tips should online merchants steal from video game developers? What did we miss?

Share thoughts in comments and we'll build into our post and send a Curagami tee for great ideas shared freely and with care: 

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Blockchain Disruption Is Coming
Blockchain isn't just for Bitcoin anymore. In fact, as we share in this +Curagami post, the future is looking more and more like +David Amerland's influential What If We Had A New Value System For Goods and Services post all the time.

We'll add the llink to David's post to our blog after posting this. 

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Can Code School Really Change Your Career and Life
This +Curagami post shares my experience at The Iron Yard in Durham, North Carolina. I place my experience in the context of my other experience - more than seven years as Director of E-Commerce for a multimillion dollar website (or one we built into big bucks).

The post busts five code school myths including:

* They teach “academic” not business coding
* No Student Vetting or Skills-Based Placement
* Value/Benefits Proposition is Off
* Can't Keep Great Teachers
* More Than Ten Year Discrepancy Is Almost Impossible to Overcome

The best way to learn e-commerce or to code is to do it and there are hundreds of free sources online to help. Don't spend thousands for something you could have achieved with $1.50 in late fees from the library (or the modern online equivalent). Read our code school post before you pay thousands to do something only you can do - change your life and career. 

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Better Blogging
Want to learn, improve or level up your blogging?
Discover our new +Flipboard dedicated to the writers, publishers, artists, and teachers sure to help you blog better:

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Creature exhibit at Broad Museum in LA looks amazing.

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Platform Thinking - Ten Tips That Will Convert Your Marketing
This +Curagami post shares ten tips to convert old marketing thoughts about doing it yourself and having control into new marketing's cooperative platform world.

* Not “YOU” or even “US” but “WE”
* Movements not Sales (Warby Parker, Tom’s, One Million Lights)
* Incomplete and Early beats Late and Perfect
* When in doubt ASK FOR HELP
* How did you collaborate today
* Who did you coach, encourage, or recommend today
* The 1:9:90 Rule
* How we modify the 1:9:90 Rule
* Profiles, Profiles, and Profiles
* The Communication Pyramid

Discover all ten tips here: 

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Hey Woody, how can animation make our web designs fun? No worries Bugs, follow this +Curagami link to find out:

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