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Social Impact Counter
Frustrated with not being able to see social counts over time we created what may be the first social impact counter for #personalbranding  on +Curagami: 
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Read the whole post in vain, +Martin W. Smith looking for the actual counter (enjoyed the story anyway, though!)

So where is the counter actually? Can we see it? Try it out? The only link referencing it on the page (to a Google doc) doesn't work.
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Martin W. Smith

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Inevitable Lightness of Being
This +Marketing Land post is a must read since it confirms a few of our favorite rants :). Tactical web marketing, a strategy my web development and marketing team used so well five years ago, is over. Read this post and see if our call to burn your website down doesn't make more sense too.

Websites are just another tactic for most. Websites in the not to distant future will be more about THEM (our customers) than US (the marketing team behind the site). It already feels like most websites are sound and fury signifying little or nothing. 

Let's not even debate if these stats confirm +Mark Schaefer's #contentshock . Stats lke up 35% in distraction while engagement drops 17% creates its own visual infographic. Today's tactics are burnt, gone and good riddance. 

Tomorrow's journey is about connection, caring and curating (as my friends at so rightly insist). If your website, marketing or presence is divorced from Sinek's Why, Kim's Blue Oceans or  Doc Searls Intention Economy we pity the fool (to quote Mr. T a marketing master if there ever was one).  

Our "being" is light because I told you so sounds garrish and impulsive. To every, "Yeah, but" person out there, those reading these posts waiting to say yeah but, good luck with that and be sure to send a card from whatever industry you end up working in. Better, as we share in our burning your website thinking down post on +Curagami, to use the rules of improvisation and say, "Yes, and" if web marketing is something you enjoy and would like to continue doing until your mortgage is paid and children educated :). Marty 
Beginning of the End - Marty Note This Marketing Land report confirms Mark Schaeffer's Content Shock and highlights a few of our favorite rants including: Burn Your Website THINKING Down and Tactical web marketing, that time when ...
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Martin W. Smith

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Google Schema & Structured Data Headache
Ouch! Understanding Google's rich snippets, structured data and schema is giving me a giant headache. Anyone (+Mark Traphagen) know a good #seo  tutor who could school me up? Will pay, not looking for a freebie, but who has the time to plow through all this engineering speak? Not I said the bee :). e: martin(at) and much appreciated. Marty  
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Thanks +David Kutcher. Tried to get a hold of you the other day and was flumicks for some reason. Will try again. Much appreciated. Marty  
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Martin W. Smith

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Googleization of the World
As we share in this +Curagami post Google is as large and in charge as ever. Removing one more readable signal - scheduled algorithm updates - makes tools such as the tool begin to fade. 

Google's move to real-time algorithm updates removes one more signal from US to THEM. With "not provided" traffic moving beyond 50% use of #googleanalytics  is becoming increasingly impossible. Google's scale meant #startups  such as Spring Metrics (now Spring Engage have had to pivot, pivot again and pivot one more time. 

Ironically, now we need an easy to tag metrics tool (and if you know one please share). Now that Google seems hell bent on removing signals and forcing our models into the "roll the dice" stage really knowing what is working has never been a bigger challenge. 

As if we could forget, we live in Google's world now possibly even more than at any time. As the web goes through the "big get bigger" and "rich get richer" stage finding two nickels #entrepreneurs  can rub together to make a quarter is becoming opaque and scary. 

Best advice I've seen comes from where they do what they love and create products people hear about from each other. Best marketing any #entrepreneur  can do today is make something astonishingly great. I've been making things for 30 years and know how absurdly simple "making something astonishingly great" is to write and how hard it is to actually do. 

Partnerships and More Partnerships
Feels like the only way to survive the winter is coming storm is to gather together, share our digital gold in order to create something greater than the sum of its parts (or partners). The commons / platform age is fully upon us. 

Commons and platforms don't scale without LOVE. Love of inspiration, curators and the organizing moving fuels any brand's ability to cut through the web's increasingly red oceans and win as this Curagami post shares:

What about you? What are your favorite tools, partners or ideas to survive the winter is coming storm ahead? 
See your Google organic visit data overlaid with Google's major algorithm updates over time. Technology by Barracuda Digital.
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Martin W. Smith

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So true. We live in exceptional times as in only extra ordinary effort, care, presence and marketing need apply. Being average doesn't scale.
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Martin W. Smith

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E-Commerce Like Video Games
This new #ecommercedevelopment  is starting to feel a lot like creating a video game. Merchants need to create collaboration, community and mine the gold of User Generated Content ( #ugc ). Good idea to steal a page out of video game developer's book. 

This +Curagami post shares a video about the top 10 customizable video games. Watch the video carefully and then imagine ways your product, brand and website could encourage the same level of collaboration, customization and community. 

The post shares a few of our ideas, but share yours and we will add them to the #muststeal  ideas list: 
New E-Commerce and a Video Game Steal says e-commerce merchants should steal customization, collaboration and community from video game developers.
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First Social Impact Counter
There were really only two choices. We could jump off the roof or get busy working on fixing the problem. You see I burned our website all the way to the ground recently despite knowing better. 

Knowing better didn't even slow the train as I share in this +Curagami post about developing the first social counter, not jumping off the roof, sticking to our beliefs and giving away as much as possible despite PAIN. 

Will let you discover what I mean by "pain" in the attached Curagami post: 
First Social Impact Counter There were really only two choices. We could jump off the roof or get busy working on fixing the problem. You see I burned our website all the way to the ground recently despite knowing better. Knowing better didn't even slow the train (lol) as I share i...
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Martin W. Smith

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E-commerce's Myth of Sisyphus
To some large degree online commerce is synonymous with the Greek myth. You roll a heavy ball up a steep mountain daily only to have it roll back on your head. If doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity then most online merchants are insane. 

Having helped others make millions we bought into the WooCommerce DIY myth making. Yeah not so much as it turns out. The wrecking ball that WooCommerce became for our little site was painful, extreme and out-of-control. We aren't blameless as I share in the post. 

No I acted with haste and was a true idiot in areas I should know better. We wanted to add a store to +Curagami for two reasons:

* To see if WooCommerce's promise of crossing the content - commerce Rubicon was true (it is not)
* And we wanted to find a way to raise money for cancer research (and failed miserably since we are down over $500). 

To date we've helped raise or have given almost $100,000 to do something inevitable and so close even politicians want in - #curecancer . WooCommerce wasn't a cure for either ill so we dumped it today and are begging for our supper. 

We beg to recover the lost hearts, minds and loyalty of Curagami's readers, collaborators and friends. If you have empathy and are generous enough to drive a link into to help we thank you and we repay our debts.

If, like me, you are disappointed to learn, at least for this fool, the DIY myth of online commerce without IT has been fully busted then host one or five for us too. WooCommerce can't get out of its own way much less solve the difficult miles between content and commerce. Online commerce is broken but Woo's promise is greater than any reality we could create...and this attempt isn't our first online commerce rodeo.  
E-commerce Why We Dumped WooCommerce shares real SEO pain using the tool caused with little upside in crossing the content - commerce rubidon.
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Martin W. Smith

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LinkedIn Resume Builder Tool
Wow, love +LinkedIn's Resume Builder tool. Takes a little tweaking since you are working with the output only on Resume Builder, but, once you get used to it, bet you will never craft or share a #resume  any other way. 

I liked the tool so much and the public facing webpage it generates I linked it off my LI Profile:

My LI Profile

My Resume created with Builder
Note how not everything is on there thanks to the easy editing tools Resume Builder provides. 

Resume Builder

#toogood   #cooltools   #getajob  
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Martin W. Smith

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Thank You!
Friends +Drew Baird and +Nichole Baird at my favorite #startup reminded me why they and the company they've created for high-end audiophiles is so special: 

The recommendation Nichole crafted for +Curagami shared on my +LinkedIn profile says as much about them as me. If I've been lucky, prescient and informed about web marketing. Drew, Nichole and Moon Audio have similar vision when music, #headphones  and audio gear are the subject. 

Drew's ability to see and FEEL the next big thing in #dacs , amps and music is matched only with his, Nichole's and their team's dedication to helping music lovers discover the full range and beauty of art crafted by beloved musicians, garage bands and DJs. 

It's no mistake Drew used to be a DJ since he guides Moon Audio like a DJ would - listening carefully, mixing sounds, ideas and products he loves to help listeners like me have a better experience. I listened to my +Shure SE846s for a year and loved them. 

I didn't know what I was missing.

One day while visiting Moon Audio to discuss their web redesign project Drew said, "Give me your earphones". I handed my beloved isolating (so I can work anywhere) earphones over and kept talking unaware Drew was about to change my music. 

Drew added his Silver Dragon audio cables to my earphones. I knew how audiophiles loved Drew's creations and was appreciative without understanding. Working and listening later at Saladelia, a favorite Durham restaurant, I was floored.

I stopped typing and just listened and that NEVER happens (lol). 

I heard Ralph Towner's guitar as if for the first time. Thinking the clarity, intimacy and warmth had to be an anomaly I asked +Spotify to play old +Elton John. Suddenly there were trumpets clear as ringing bells in Goodbye Yellow Brick Road's intro, John's voice was closer, and the music more immediate and THERE. 

My great Shure earphones became insanely great. 

I've met many #startups  and most have a single issue on their mind - how to scale, win and be heroes. Drew, Nichole, and the team at demonstrate what it takes to succeed daily:

* Love what you do
* Do what you love no matter what
* Express your inner artist in product and treatment of people
* Share, Share and Share some more
* Be more generous than deserved
* Rinse and Repeat

We live in a strange time, a time where it is easy to forget what really matters. I had to battle #cancer  to discover the single word answer to what matters - people. Life is always about relationships you create, experiences you value, and the journey you and we are all on. 

Sirens sing a seductive and misleading chorus. I like's low prices, but I LOVE because Drew and Nichole are a light in the tunnel, a light for all garage bands, growth hackers and dreamers. Do what you love, love what you are doing and who you are doing it with and life is good, scale happens and you hear guitars and trumpets you've never heard before. 

#toogood   #growthhacking   #leanstartup   #great   #insipration   #music   #audiophiles   #audio   #gear   #best   #thanks   #inspire    
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Google Analytics Easy Tip
Why is it always the easy things that produce the best return and we seem to always forget? This +Curagami shares a simple way to make more money from your #ecommerce  website in 2016. Map the clicks on your homepage. 

We share a journey we took today on, a journey that showed an interesting merchandising mistake that is my fault. When we helped redesign a year ago I suggested Featured Products go under the hero. 

Whoops, that design decision isn't supported by mapping Moon's home page clicks (post shares how we did this, but not actual Moon data other than %s). A small number of links on any home page command most of the clicks, so knowing those is a good idea if you are looking for ROI from your #webdesign

This easy fix will cost pennies and return dollars and that too is always a good thing and more often than not an easy "right in front of you" thing too :). Marty   
Google Analytics How To Map Your Homepage Clicks shares an easy way to make more money in 2016. Find the handful of links on your websites home page to win.
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Martin W. Smith

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+David Amerland is right . We tend to bottle search into Google and #seo but search is fundamental. The core of search is a question and a desire. Questions vary but our desire to connect and join remain constant.
Just a reminder...

The world is not linear. :) Search affects everything and it really is everywhere. 
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+Martin W. Smith dead on! We use search as a tool without thinking about it too much. It enables us to do an incredible number of things. 
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Cancer survivor, entrepreneur, Internet marketer and artist who loves to create websites, apps and software.
Fighting cancer to a draw provides perspective. Time is short, do what you love is one lesson. Time is short work with people you love is another lesson. I remember, during the first round of chemo, making a decision to remove negative thoughts, ideas and people. 

The battle to survive is so immersive forming a team of CHAMPIONS who stay calm, are willing to help more and more as your need scales and who LOVE and want to help you more than themselves is critical. Winning any dog fight depends on having the right dogs.

I'm LUCKY and have a great group of smart friends who drop everything and help. Sometimes strangers do that too confirming our innate human desire to help each other. Think about it. There are FOMs, Friends of Martin, who I know have helped me survive and accomplish big things like riding a bicycle across America

There are also FOMs I don't know. People who've dedicated their lives to saving mine and we've never met. Those are special people who have my love and appreciation too.  
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Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer ( a bicycle across America raising $27K for cancer research summer 2010.
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    Traveled across America interviewing perspective college students and pitching Vassar.
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I heard passion, commitment and love in a comment from Yellow Cabs of Columbus owner Jeff Katz to a negative review on Google. I reached out and emailed Jeff. That voice, the authentic one he shared, was missing from his site I noted. He agreed and let me know he has a team working on his site. I bet he does. They already have apps (impressive). I took three cab rides with Yellow during my 3 day stay in Columbus and was impressed with driver courtesy, friendliness and care. I asked each driver how they liked working for the Katz family and they both loved working for Yellow Cab of Columbus. One driver was from Ethiopia and the other was from Mauritania (south of Morocco in Africa). Both were fascinating, kind and careful. They discussed the pressure they are under from Uber. I've yet to try Uber but I was in Columbus for treatment at the James Cancer Center. Climbing into a car with a stranger to save $5 seems crazy (to me) especially when there is a family owned and managed business that has been around since the 1920s as good at getting me around town as Yellow Cab of Columbus. One caveat is Columbus is not NYC. It takes 10 to 20 minutes to get a cab so build that in, set your expectations straight and don't stand out in the rain (like me duh). I realize this review is different (better) than others, but being in the cab biz is TOUGH. Nice people, careful and willing to wake up in the middle of the night to get me to the airport deserve 5 stars and continued patronage (will be back and forth to Columbus and the James until the end of the year). If you are in Columbus and need a cab, call Yellow Cab and bet you have a safe, fun ride too. Marty --- Martin Smith CEO & Founder Curagami - Cool Tools for Ecom
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