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Martin W. Smith

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Favorite Sculptures in the World
A recent email from my father sharing extraordinary sculpture got me thinking. What are my 5 favorite sculptures in the world? Looking back over many museum and city visits here's my list of 5 favorite sculptures I've seen, experienced and now written about on +Curagami :

1. Alexander Calder's Circus at the Whitney Museum of American Art
2. Calder's Triangle with Ears at Vassar College
3. Hammering Man by Jonathan Borofsky
4. Balloon Dog by Jeff Koons
5. Any Richard Serra including the piece I stumbled on in Chicago's Grant Park

Each sculpture has a story, stories you can read here:

What about you? What are your favorite sculptures?
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Martin W. Smith

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Why do Men Fear Asking For Help
Noticing that "Why do men fear asking for help" was the top +Curagami search today and being in a philosophical mood I wrote a longish piece about why. Actually, I blame superman and +Phil Buckley not necessarily in that order :). Marty
Mean Fear Asking For Help - Why. We build on Phil Buckley's Fear, Shame & Asking for help & says "short beak" of a techy age is learning to ask for help.
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Martin W. Smith

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Invitations to play the Headphones Game are going out to Ambassadors now. Game launches to the public soon.
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Martin W. Smith

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6 Quick Web Writing Tips
Inspired By Susan St Maur and friends we shared 5 web writing tips including:

* Use OPW (Other People’s Words) – Trusted sources or industry gurus make excellent sources
* Use Customer Words – Customers know you listen when they see features of User Generated Content (UGC)
* Touch the Universal – R&D is hard, takes time and money is a “universal truth.”
* Cliches – Cliches are another “truth” you can turn in your favor
* Empathy Words – Use words that create a sense of empathy between YOU and whoever is reading your copy words such as “collaborate,” “teamed with” and “love.”
* Acronyms – Acronyms can convey industry knowledge, but be sure to explain fully the first time you use an acronym

See our post on +Curagami for more:
Quick Web Writing Lesson is 5 tips to write better web copy using customer words, industry experts, & acronyms to win hearts & minds online.
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Martin W. Smith

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Martin W. Smith

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Chihuly In Graham
Can't believe we have the largest collector of #chihuly  here in North Caroline. Looking forward to checking out the Venetian collection At Alamance in October with mom.
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Martin W. Smith

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Branding In A Digital Age
How can marketers develop brands in the middle of a marketing revolution? Our +Curagami post mashes a favorite +Harvard Business Review article with +Bynder - Branding Automation & Digital Asset Management Solution 2016 Branding Trends Report to form interesting "blue ocean" conclusions.

#branding   #marketing  +McKinsey & Company  #davidedelman  
Branding in a Digital Age mashes Bynder's Branding Trends 2016 report with David Edelman's HBR post from 2010 to share how today's consumers join brands.
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Martin W. Smith

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Favorite Sculptures in the World
I'm writing a post about my 5 favorite sculptures for +Curagami. My #1 favorite is Alexander Calder's Circus at the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC.

What's your favorite sculpture in the world? Share and I'll add to the post. Thanks, Marty 
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Martin W. Smith

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Blondie's New York reminds me of growing up in Greenwich, "the city", and such great music. 
Blondie's New York smells, feels and looks like New York in the seventies. As Blondie's story evolves so does the city's, so does art's and so does ours.
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Martin W. Smith

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Apple Goes Smokeless
I agree with my friend +Drew Baird from Like Drew I will wait to upgrade my iPhone 6Plus preferring to let the smoke clear a little on the iPhone 7.

Drew wrote a great post for his blog about ways to get around the no #headphones jack in iPhone 7:

He also just emailed me his preferred way around the issue - use a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) such as the Chord Mojo. Don't have to insist on my buying a Mojo as I love the sound of that tiny DAC (and I already own a Chord Hugo...such an addiction :).

I riffed Drew's email comments into the Headphones Game. We are VERY CLOSE to a public launch of the game. Moon Audio Ambassadors received invitations to play yesterday and today. So getting very close now.
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Martin W. Smith

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CanJam London
Great #headphones  event in #London  happening NOW with friends from Find more info here:
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Martin W. Smith

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Headphones Game
Be a kid again, play the #headphones  game soon on as we launch our content gamification engine. Marty
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    Curagami works with e-commerce clients to develop creative apps to engage, involve and thrill customers.
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    Founder, 2013 - 2014
    Created one of first crowdfunding websites for cancer research launched December 2013.
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    Managed team that beat sales and profit goals for 7 years contributing more than $30M topline dropping more than $5M to the bottom line.
    Founder, 1994 - 2002
    Created one of the first B2B and B2C websites helping Magnetic Poetry Kit, a specialty gift, become a $50M gift.
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    P&L responsibility for $22M dairy business where we set sales and product launch reacords for three years.
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    Managed team that sold "World's Largest Snickers Bar Display" setting off a competition and helping Midwest region to win a major sales contest.
  • Procter & Gamble
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    Learned to sell the P&G way: Situational Summary, State The Idea, Explains How It Works and Share the Benefits.
  • Vassar College
    Assistant Director Admissions, 1980 - 1981
    Traveled across America interviewing perspective college students and pitching Vassar.
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Internet marketer, cancer survivor & startups entrepreneur
Fighting cancer to a draw creates perspective. Time is short, do what you love is one lesson. Time is short work with people you love is another. 

Teams, friends and family create the three-legged-stool needed to survive the Big C and create great companies. Form a team of CHAMPIONS who stay calm, are willing to help more and more and whose LOVE and championing of your cause matches yours. 

I'm LUCKY. I'm surrounded by smart friends who drop everything and help. Special FOMs (Friends of Martin's). There are FOMs I know and there are FOMs I don't. People who dedicate their lives to saving mine yet we've never met. People who share our content, ideas, memes and URLs yet we've never met. 

Special people who have my love and appreciation. Thank You and create great stuff since life is too short to do anything else.   
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After cancer diagnosis rode a bicycle across America in the summer of 2010 raising almost $100,000 for cancer research.
  • Vassar College
    Psychology, 1976 - 1980
  • Choate School
    Prep School, 1973 - 1976
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I heard passion, commitment and love in a comment from Yellow Cabs of Columbus owner Jeff Katz to a negative review on Google. I reached out and emailed Jeff. That voice, the authentic one he shared, was missing from his site I noted. He agreed and let me know he has a team working on his site. I bet he does. They already have apps (impressive). I took three cab rides with Yellow during my 3 day stay in Columbus and was impressed with driver courtesy, friendliness and care. I asked each driver how they liked working for the Katz family and they both loved working for Yellow Cab of Columbus. One driver was from Ethiopia and the other was from Mauritania (south of Morocco in Africa). Both were fascinating, kind and careful. They discussed the pressure they are under from Uber. I've yet to try Uber but I was in Columbus for treatment at the James Cancer Center. Climbing into a car with a stranger to save $5 seems crazy (to me) especially when there is a family owned and managed business that has been around since the 1920s as good at getting me around town as Yellow Cab of Columbus. One caveat is Columbus is not NYC. It takes 10 to 20 minutes to get a cab so build that in, set your expectations straight and don't stand out in the rain (like me duh). I realize this review is different (better) than others, but being in the cab biz is TOUGH. Nice people, careful and willing to wake up in the middle of the night to get me to the airport deserve 5 stars and continued patronage (will be back and forth to Columbus and the James until the end of the year). If you are in Columbus and need a cab, call Yellow Cab and bet you have a safe, fun ride too. Marty --- Martin Smith CEO & Founder Curagami - Cool Tools for Ecom
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