Two hours ago I saved somebody's life. It all happened in Ciutadella, Menorca, Spain. We were at Casa Manolo, a restaurant at the port, having dinner with Nina, my wife and our friends David and Anna Lena. All of a sudden a woman starts shouting help my husband ("ayuden a mi marido por favor!"). I turned around and I see her husband fainting in front of his food. I saw him from the back so I could not really tell what was going on. First I looked around to see if there was a doctor in the restaurant. Nobody volunteered. 5 seconds later I decided it was me or nobody. I picked up the man and started squeezing him with all my strength, at first he was limp, he would not react. Around the 6th time I squeezed him hard, he spat his food and started moving. Then he regained strength, he could sit on his own. I then stopped the Heimlich maneuver. How did I know how to do this? Because I lived for 18 years in USA, and in every restaurant there is a poster that explains what to do if somebody chokes. Why did nobody else do anything? That I don't understand. Somebody told me it's called the "spectator effect", everyone in the crowd watches in shock, nobody does anything. When the man came back to life everyone was so happy! This was not a sport event, it was the closest most of us had gotten at seeing death almost happening in real life. The wife had tears in her eyes, she was shaking. But the couple, a kind looking Spanish husband and wife in their 60s, stayed at the restaurant. The man regained his consciousness and sat, glued to his chair, trying to cope with what he had gone through. He did not want further assistance and rejected calling an ambulance. He felt fine after he could breathe. Around 10 minutes later he cheered up, he turned around, thank me profusely and order Cava for all of us at our table. His wife kept looking at me as if I had been sent by God to save her husband. I am not a believer but for whatever reason, I am so glad I was there.

My dad died on an international flight when I was 22. Nobody saved him. This man in his 60s made me feel a little bit closer to my father.
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