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Would you help saving your country's economy? Te animarías a tratar de salvar las finanzas españolas?
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aren't the Spaniards opposing the measures the government is trying to implement to reach the budget cuts? It seems like the difficulty would be convincing the population that the measures are not only good and necessary, but also worth paying for. I doubt the Spaniards would go for it.
Hola Martin, me encanta debatir contigo. En estos momentos, tengo otras prioridades que es mi propia economía... Salvar la economía española es una cuestión de mucha política (no estoy en ella) y segundo de mercados y fondos de inversion de especulación. Eso está fuera de control. Yo no soy, mejor no les nombro.
Which country? The one that cuts the health and education systems while turning a blind eye to lots of corrupt politicians and helping tax evaders to launder their money?

No, thanks. As days go by and injustice grows, I'm more convinced that, very sadly, this situation can only have a violent outcome.
My biggest problem with the Spanish crisis is that I am convinced that most Spaniards, voters and those in government included don't really understand how wealth is created. They don't understand the concept that a rising tide lifts all boats. There's is a constant blame the other syndrome and a lack of what can I do to help.
Aquí te equivocas, tu comentario es general, a cualquier cultura puedes aplicar ese comentario "responsable pero no culpable" en la creación de riqueza y el reparto de la misma... Vamos que si lo sabemos- En fín, camino de UK dos días la semana que viene.
No tengo cámara de fotos, nunca la he tenido,... pero bueno ya te contaré pq si no te importa voy a necesitar tu opinión.... pero fotos, fotos, ese sería un paso de gigante en mi vida, como activar el móvil
Martin, maybe you're right. However, I think that people would be more willing to make sacrifices if they saw their rulers being so austere as they demand and, specially, if they saw justice done.

We all know that we have to make sacrifices to pay off our country's debts. But there have been irresponsible politicians that are to blame for most of these debts and that are going unpunished. When people see, with certainty, that their ship is governed by scoundrels they really lose the motivation to help saving the ship.
So, is this a new version "of paying a symbolic 10€ each time somebody makes use of the public health service"? A family with most of its members unemployed, suffering rising income taxes, higher transport and energy tariffs, "copagos" blooming everywhere, etc., has to feel responsible for helping (even further) Spain and buy bonds??? Why the Government doesn't try yo fund itself from fighting fraud from big companies, fortunes and banks, and forgets about fiscal amnesties? That'll tackle more than a 72% of the whole Spanish fiscal fraud, and almost 70bn euros per year, pretty big for Eurozone's standards.

But, again, maybe Spaniards are just plain thick, and lack a real understanding on how wealth is created, well, accumulated.
It is such a pity Mr. Rajoy isn't making deep structural reforms in the very base of the State and, on the other hand, is doing everything possible to save the banks and big corporations by milking the middle class out to its last drop.
What a way to waste a full majority!
Reforma estructural es eso estructural, .... Si conoces España, tenemos el Acueducto de Segovia, distribución de agua... Pues tardó unos dííííllas en hacerse.....
Hola Martin,  terminando cosillas,  el charterismo lo sigo, muy  de cerca.  Es viernes, veamos la tele...
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