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Hello, does someone know how to disable these 4 small dots under E in "Example"? Every time I write string it underlines one character with these 4 dots. Then when I start writing another string and I write " it deletes character in previous string underlined with dots.
It's very annoying, but I can't find setting for it.

Is it possible to display fast forward/rewind buttons on android auto ui? It is possible for next/prev with ""
Ideally, it should be possible to display all so controls can look like this:
 <|  <<  ||  >>   |> 

Hi folks, is it possible to change NDK_TOOLCHAIN_VERSION in gradle? Thanks.

Hi folks,
for MediaBrowser.MediaItem in audio app, is it required to use icons? If I don't specify icon(or subtitle) there is whitespace on icon(subtitle) position. It doesn't look like Google Play Music navigation from DevBytes video. Note that I use Media Browser Service Simulator on N7(android 5)
Thanks for info!

Hello, how can I share access to Google Cast SDK Developer Console with other developer ? It's under my personal account so I don't want to share my credentials.
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