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Bennetts Bluff

A variation from one of my favourite location finds while in New Zealand. Bennetts Bluff is half way between Queenstown and Glenorchy.

Would love some comments, critique, any engagement :)

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Great composition. The sky and the sunlight catching the hillside work splendidly.
It may seem like a zoo of photographers in here (it really isn't) but they also have their friends and family circling them and a lot of other people.  I'd recommend circling your local photographers for sure - they'll have other local people in their circles who will be interested in seeing your beautiful photos. 
XD  I'd also recommend circling +Charles Lupica if you haven't already.  He has an 'interactive themes' circle which contains the most helpful and supportive themes and people  to be found on G+.
Very beautiful scenery. Great work!
my daughters's boy-friend lives in New Zealand and wanted to share your photos with them. they are both on FB, but I could not find you.
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