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Ob morgen wohl irgendwo "Life of Brian" im TV laeuft?
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A Game of Drones

Who will sit on the Iron Drone being built in a hangar in Area 51? Victory to Lord Larry of Page Indexing. +Larry Page, if you rule at Page Landing in Bubblebros, will you celebrate in this manner befitting a wise and magnanimous king:

Via +Joshua Berg
Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to build a global network of satellites capable of incinerating Google drones in midair.
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Martin Thielecke

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Sent to ingress-support. In case someone might wonder why I am playing as "GeckoCheesecake". If any of this is not true, feel free to comment. ;)

Dear NIA Ops,

please read this mail carefully. I will put a lot of effort in this text trying to give you an understanding what I ask you for and why you should consider complying my plea.

Due to one of the latest ban waves I have lost access to my +Ingress  account "rizzek". I then requested a permanent deletion to start all over again with a freshly created new account, "GeckoCheesecake".

- I DO understand, that all data related to this account including items, scores, AP, portal ownership and earned badges can and will NOT be restored.
- I DO NOT ask you to reactivate my banned (and permanent deleted) account because as I stated above this might not be possible anymore
- I DO NOT ask you to give be back my nearly six million AP.
- I DO NOT ask you to give me back my Founders badge (which I might deserve more than a lot of other agents who "earned" it)
- I DO NOT ask you to give me back my platinum Guardian badge (which has been hard to achieve and has cost me a lot of effort)

- I just ask you to give me back my NAME (the codename "rizzek" has not yet been claimed again)

I have been playing Ingress in Hamburg since January 3rd, 2013. Since then I have been playing a lot, met a lot of other agents in field, travelled much all over Germany (and even parts of Denmark and the Netherlands!).
I did a weekend trip to Berlin just in order to achieve Level 8. I have been around building the first L8 portal in Hamburg. I brought much trouble to the local Resistance players after reaching the highest agent clearance.
I have spent a lot of effort and gasoline to make the northsea island of Föhr a playable region (see all those portals from "Agent_942464" on the island? Yep, that was me). I even organized an expensive event on Föhr to build L8 portals als fields all over the island, including organizing holiday apartments and cars for 10+ ingress agents (Situation Report:
I have been around during Ingress Operation "Voynich" in Hamburg, playing for the Enlightened and organizing agent beverage supply with agent "jahoomax" (see
After that I've spent a week in Duesseldorf just to stack up my armory and to help them build a large amount of L7 portals.

And if you don't believe me, believe those reactions of other players when I announced my retirement (source:
"And don't forget when you were totally on fire, aiming at L8, burning down the whole of the city in one night, and RES agents were standing back and asking: "Does this guy ever sleep??""
- +nils thode  "HagbardCeline"

"DÜSSELDORF!! Taking vacations to come to Düsseldorf to ingress 24/7 for a week! Awesome!"
- +Jorge Steffen  "elToro"

"You are the reason why I started to play Ingress. It all begun with an item lying in front of the door. Thanks for that. But now, "Enemy Mine" is missing in the hood. ;)"
- +Timo Beuttenmüller  "RazzFazz" (husband of Niantic representative +Anne Beuttenmüller ) 

Now that my account "rizzek" has been banned, I started all over again (without complaining) as "GeckoCheesecake" and with huge support from local agents (which shows that I still mean something to them) who have supplied and still do supply me with items and in field help I again hit L8, this time trying to have as much agents as possible have a look at my scanner during playing to ensure having enough witnesses should I get banned again (for whatever reason, I do play completely legit).

I've done so much in field and in Google Communities for Ingress and the local players and I never asked for anything. Now the only thing I ask for is to give me back my name. "rizzek" has not yet been taken again and is not available for signup because of the permanent deletion I requested a few weeks ago.
I ask you.. no, I BEG you to make this codename available again for me and to grant me a namechange so that I can claim again what is rightfully mine: My identity with which I am well known amongst the Hamburg Ingress community and to which all my social accomplishments are tied to.

Sincerely yours,

Drews Clausen, formerly known as "rizzek" 
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Genaue Angaben gab es nicht, nur die Standard-Mail, die so ziemlich jeder aus den Bannwellen bekommen hat: Irgendwas mit AddOns und Third Party Software (IITC? Keine Ahnung).

Habe schon mit ziemlich vielen Agenten gesprochen, die diese Mail bekommen haben und nach eigenen Angaben legit spielen.
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Here is my Ingress wear submission. Please tell me if I have put this in the wrong place.

Its not Vulgar its Real Life first world ingress problems.
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Martin Thielecke

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Martin Thielecke

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Familienfeier. Der Platz um mich ist ungewöhnlich beliebt. Aber kaum sitzen sie, fängt es an mit "ich hab da mal ein Problem mit meinem Computer". Immer das Gleiche.
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Ich sag einfach: ich kann nur Server.
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Martin Thielecke

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A dad  filmed his daughter every week, from birth up until she turned 14-years-old and then made this time lapse edit.
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Man beachte, dass der Mund sich fast immer bewegt. :-D
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Martin Thielecke

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Martin Thielecke

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What a crazy boy!
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Neue Definition von "schräg" :D
Aber gut!!!
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