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The psychology of 'community engagement' on Google+
Extract: "Many of us live by the concept of ‘engagement’ when it comes to Google+. We post relatable content and people who relate respond with +1s, comments, shares. In turn, our ‘connections’ form within our personalised networks.
With communities, however, it means we ‘go somewhere’ - a ‘place’ where content eddies around, as if part of the ‘stream’ is diverted i.e. people post directly to the community where they would have posted into the stream beforehand; or new information flows into a community that would not have otherwise been posted. The more engagement, the more energy there exists in that part of the swirling eddie of information."
Read more about the psychology of community engagement here:
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Martin, you are a delight and an unequivocal inspirational factor on G+.  Your unique luminosity radiates in all that you do.  Thank you for everything!
Great article Martin, yes, communities are about people and conversations, they’re not about numbers. I’m appalled (but not surprised) to see there are already ‘grow your community’ circles flying around (random, just add your name and reshare)  This is guaranteed to kill a community and a sure sign the community will have a string of monologues and broadcasts. 
Thanks +Eileen O'Duffy yes, there is that chasing of numbers going on...
I am still working out what works for engagement and believe passion will play out over time.
+martin shervington I think people are either sociable or not sociable and it doesn’t really make much difference whether they are online/offline. I’ve no doubt you are the same cheerful, enthusiastic sociable person in real life:-)
Martin says everything so well!  He selflessly demonstrates to us every aspect of G+ eloquently so we are coached with the proficiency “like a Boss”.  Thanks +Susanne Ramharter 
Love this. It hits all the right notes. I believe that our interactions should mimic RL and EQ is an essential element. Thanks for your invaluable input +martin shervington 
It's the community for  mutual admiration and self-promotion psychology +Eileen O'Duffy But Martin saves it from imploding with the distance that always accompanies a great sense of humor.
Yes, a fitting backdrop for a comedy +martin shervington  Hangouts were just unwieldy intimidating hang-ups, no shortage of grist there for your mill.
Happy to be part of such a great group! 2013 will bring on even more engagement!
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