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Updated "Great Engagers" circle
These are people I have been interacting with on Google+ over the past months.
There are some additions and adjustments so you may want to delete the old circle and replace it with this one.
I have found some lovely people on Google+ and I hope you have the same experience as well.
BTW, everyone in this circles I have interacted with personally.
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Thanks +martin shervington for including me here. There is a lot for me to learn from all the people out here :) I have my plate full for a few weeks now :D
Whoopy, that's where all these new people are comming from today. :)

Honoured I am +martin shervington. You deserve that reordering ASAP. :)
+martin shervington Thanks for including me, a nice surprise on a rainy morning after a disappointing soccer result last night…….
+Steven Wright True - it's a very rare disease - I don't even know what it is yet!  +martin shervington I was just trying to be funny,  Then afterwards I thought - I hope nobody takes that the wrong way.  Sometimes, I'm only humorous to myself.  No worries.
Right Colin walker, it's really annoying.
As I guess, I am not in it. Am I right? *
+Martin shervington*
Curses!  I was joking.  Where's my evil twin>  She's going to take the rap for this one.
+martin shervington Aw, shucks...thanks for thinking of me.  I applaud your organizational skills.  I have met so many awesome people that I don't know where to start in posting a circle to recommend.  :)
Thanks for making the effort to make the circle, circle curation is a tiresome task, I have a week off this coming week, and hope to get a circle of active UK based people curated out of 7 or 8 circles from the past year. :/
just saw this, blame it on our good weather - thanks for including me -it's a great crowd to be in and I do enjoy our engagements ;)
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