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United Kingdom, and Ireland circle 3.0
If you are wind blown+ in the Welsh Hills, embracing the Internet in England, navigating your way on G+ in Northern Ireland, seeking new online friends in Scotland or simply interested in engaging more in Ireland...then add this circle!
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Interesting, Intelligent, Incredible Ireland!  +martin shervington     Thanks for including me, yes, I’m 100% guaranteed Irish. c/c +Ireland (I am one of the page managers)
+martin shervington THE ONE HUNDRED Circle 3.0 . Neatly done Sir. A nice even number and circle full of splendiferous folk from this green and pleasant land ( the moment it's a grey and not so pleasant land but that doesn't sound so good do it). Thank you very much for my inclusion, I am truly honoured to be one of the few. Aye than' you.
I suspect our mamby-pamby Surrey weather would give the Welsh hills a run for their money today in god-awfulness.
+Jim Banks I doubt our weather here in Brighton is any better than yours at the moment Jim. Grey, wet, windy and cold. Bloody miserable outside and not much better in!
Weather here in Ayrshire is gorgeous, blue sky, sun beaming if a little cool. Wish I could send you some good weather over Cyber Space, but I haven't got a app for that :-))
Aw mate thanks for the inclusion.
I love the United Kingdom and all the people there. It's so beautiful with gorgeous coastlines and castles...
Just to clarify Ireland is not in the United Kingdom, trending or no trending :-D 
Thanks :-D
that wasn't intentional boot licking, honest.
100 is a nice tidy number.
Thanks for thinking of me +martin shervington I've just go around to going through today's notifications, it's been a busy old day.... Nice to see so many other of my UK Chums featured here :0 Hello Guys go #unitedkingdom  
One Small point I note.. there are 100 people in this circle and it's only be re-shared 23 times that's not bad, but If we all worked together then the follower increase would be exponential.

Whilst I grant you followers are not the be all and end all... exposure does make all the difference... so come on if you haven't taken the trouble to share this circle.. why not?
Comes from a long family history of speaking our minds... not always a good thing if history teaches us anything
This sharing of the circle and everyone re-sharing seems to work, OK only 28 out of 100 shared it, but that still gained me 204 new followers. Imagine if everyone of the 100 shared it!!! 
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