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Commoogling Engagers Circle Two
In a change to my "Great Engagers" circle approach, here we have a collection of people who I have been interacting with quite recently.
Many people are newer to Google but all have really engaged with me - especially around my posts on the concept of 'commoogling'.
As I am keen to support a culture of collaboration, please add/share and make it your own!
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+Karla Clark these circles are mainly based on people who have really been engaging with me through a mix of +1/comments/shares, especially on my commoogling posts. Sorry if I missed you in this way.
+martin shervington Ouch. Surprised at how much that hurts.  I do try to engage as much as possible, but I don't have a lot of free time and I miss a lot of posts.  Sorry for taking up your time.
+Alison Thurston who is your partner? I will throw him out and put you in the next one :P
(actually, you are in 5 circles and he may have snuck in on a UK one, or similar)
+Karla Clark relax. I make mistakes (often with circles) and was just explaining the foci on the circles. I have added you in to the next ones now. Have a lovely weekend :)
Thanks good sir!! Appreciate everything you're doing for the G+ community!
Thanks for sharing - Just starting out on my Google+ 'journey' and good to know some people who are worth following!
Thank you so much again, +martin shervington! I just did a non-follow-back cleanse, so this circle will be a great way to refresh that.

Everyone... brace for impact...
+Jake Kern you are welcome. And yes, this is mainly new people (a couple of exceptions) so should be keen to follow back...
Sweet! Let's comoogle the night away, +martin shervington!!! =D an appropriate, strictly hetero way that respects my wife... o.O
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