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Stories. (AWESOME)
There is a quick, great video (less than 5 mins) to support the graph.
I've written a few scripts and can relate.
Thanks +Gideon Rosenblatt - you mentioned Cambell and the Hero's Journey, so I'll throw this one out there too:'s_Journey:_Mythic_Structure_for_Writers (you'll like it!)
There are three stories and only three stories. 

I kid. But actually, if you look at most of the blockbuster movies, especially those from Disney, these lines will feel fairly familiar to you. This is Vonnegut's take, and I highly encourage you to follow the link and watch the four minute video of him explaining these three lines. It's excellent delivery and very funny. 

Personally, I like the Hero's Journey, as outlined by Joseph Campbell, but you can see that there are a lot of similarities:

#story   #myth  
The famous author plots out the three most compelling story arcs.
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Best book on the topic.
For more than 15 years, Robert McKee's students have been taking Hollywood's top honors. His “Story Seminar” is the world's ultimate seminar for screenwriters, filmmakers, and novelists.
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martin shervington

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Who wants to play? :D
There is still room!
Let me know on the original post here:
Time to build a circle!
I have an idea for a very #funcampaign . So I have a question...
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martin shervington

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This was the panel at SDSU.
With +Stephanie Garcia +Eric Alford +Joseph Young +Gary Ware!
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Shhhh, they'll never notice!
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The Risks and Rewards of Humour (yes, with 'u') in Business!
Join me, and a gathering of a few good folks to chat about when/where/what and how to use humour in business, and probably in life too.
Let's face it. We've all been there when we tell that joke, do that thing, just because it was there to be done. But is it always a good idea?
Well, this is a fantastic group to explore the topic...
You'll see +Tim Washer say something funny about "Wales not being a real country"(he does stand-up), +Brian Carter say that we can take over the world with bacon loving cats (he does stand-up too), +Andrea Vahl brings characters and improv into social (so expect some improv!), and +Phil Mershon telling us what it is like (the downs and ups) of going viral on the Internet (yep, he's done that one recently).
And what about me? Well, I'll be your host, your amateur comedy compare and guide for the show. (I do stand up, but am funnier lying down).
Hope to see you all then!

This Hangout On Air is hosted by martin shervington. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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martin shervington

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Some lovely videos here.
Loving the Glass one...
Thanks +Yuko Nakamura 
*The Curious Mind:  #GoogleDesignMinutes *
From Researching & Understanding to Prototyping Ideas

[Google Developers New Series: Google Design Minutes]

1. Google Design Minutes — Glass: Make it simple                          

2. Google Design Minutes — Maps: Putting the user front and center

3. Google Design Minutes — Search: The beauty of speed

[Prototyping Ideas]

1. Prototyping for Success, Power and Unlimited Riches (
2. Four Simple Ways to Bring an Idea to Life: Make a Video (
3. Four Simple Ways to Bring an Idea to Life: Stage a Performance (
4. Four  Simple Ways to Bring an Idea to Life: Mock it up with Keynote (
5. Four Simple Ways to Bring an Idea to Life: Build a Prototype (

[Research matters: Qualitative Research]

1. Leveraging Google+ as a Qualitative Research Platform (
2. Google+ Qualitative Research Playbook (
3. Tool: +NOD3x (

via +Brynn Evans  +Think with Google +Google Developers 

#googledesignminutes   #curiousmind  
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Thank you for the post +martin shervington 

I appreciate this item from +Yuko Nakamura as i get further and further into development I appreciate how important design is to user acceptance and use.
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martin shervington

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If you missed it, this was an enjoyable interview.
There are time stamps below if you want to hop in at any point!
There are even a few laughs...
Thanks +Denise Wakeman
Adventures in Visibility | Build Lasting Relationships on Google+

For the weekend crowd... my guest +martin shervington delivered a packed 40 minutes with insights, examples and tips for building relationships through community on Google+.

For your convenience, here are time codes to juicy bits:

02:49 Introvert or Extrovert?
03:49 Shoutout to +Mia Voss 
04:00 How and when did Martin get started on Google+
04:53 March 6 Martin started geeking out on Google+
07:30 Martin's first tipping point
08:17 Second tipping point in May 2013
10:34 How Martin creates community
13:21 What are campaigns?
14:42 The difference between Community and Communities
16:40 Definition of a Campaign 
17:45 Shoutout to +Lee Smallwood  of NOD3X
19:04 Google+ for business blog post 
21:15 Community gives you search results
23:07 Always try to make campaigns fun
24:02 William Shatner Wednesday
25:47 How can an entrepreneur create a campaign
27:48 What to do before the campaign
29:02 Walking down the street metaphor
32:15 It's not about the thing, it's what you do with the thing
36:06 The tide is now rising
37:03 Martin's most memorable adventure

Recap and links on the blog post:

Subscribe to get advance VIP notice of upcoming Adventures at

Many thanks to all who joined the live event and have watched it since. #YouRock!

#adventuresinvisibility   #plusyourbusiness   #googleplustips  
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+Sibyll Hampton ya! 
(And some times the best choice is not to get involved.)
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Get your photos at the ready! 
With the tag: #MyBeautifulEarth  
h/t +Melissa Daniels 
We’re teaming up with TIME to celebrate #EarthDay next week, and we want you to join in by sharing your photos of our beautiful earth. Publicly share photos on Google+ with #MyBeautifulEarth, and TIME will feature some of their favorite photos on their website on Earth Day. Explore now:
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+martin shervington I like u
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Must roll. Back later on.
I am moderator for the STEM/Tech Panel at SDSU today. Thanks to +Stephanie Garcia for setting it up.
Back later!
(p.s. the great cat gif experiment continues - 333K+ views on the page so far...)
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Delayer ave 9 o'clock I be there
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There is a lot more to memes than meets the eye...

Some of my thoughts here:

And I am in the midst of writing on a post all about Caturday (yes, really).
+Mark Traphagen gets it. Memes help people to relate, to connect and give us a shared story. 
Enjoy and have an excellent Caturday!

h/t +David Amerland 
Why Memes May Be Serious Business for Your Brand Messages

Inspired by a thought-provoking post* by +David Amerland this morning (see my latest +LinkedIn Publishing post (linked below the image) explores why brands ought to take memes seriously, and put them to intentional use to reinforce their messages.

(Does one really need to put "thought-provoking post" before "by David Amerland?")

#memes   #caturday   #branding   #davidamerland   #plusonly  
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Now I'm beginning to think we're all living inside a meme.

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This is not a book about social media!
Congratulations +Chris Brogan.
I am looking forward to this; I've got the Kindle version...
Go, get your freak on :D
So excited that my new book is coming out. I'd love for you to consider picking it up.
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Its available in hardcover too getting it right away! This is all me!
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Have him in circles
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This is the official Google+ community - an excellent place to start and check out for anything to do with plus.

A little trivia:
Explorer of consciousness, marketeer, writer on communication including Google+
Big fan of Ken Wilber, Robert Kegan and the whole integral world. 
Author of 8 books and scripts with a psychological twist - sometimes they are even funny.
And, btw, I really love Star Wars, did I mention that? :D

Thanks for reading this far and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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Loved this place. Very cool bar, with super friendly bar and waiting staff. I especially liked the bar girl who looked like a pixie; cute and with some awesomely entertaining facial expressions. Can I say that on a Google Local review? Yes, yes I can. Anyway, this place has some style, good music and the clientele were lovely too. And it is dog friendly outside. Recommended. p.s. if the beautiful lady working behind the bar would like to give in touch then drop me an email to...ok, that would be a bit much, but yes I really should have asked you name and I hope you don't mind your me making your likeness to a pixie. You are especially adorable when you bite your lower lip after you talk. Really should stop this review now as it is getting a little gushing. Ok, I'm gone :)
• • •
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The best fish tacos so far! I went with the grilled Mahi-Mahi with the spicy sauce (the one in the fridge). Love this place.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Awesome pasta and sauces, this place is an institution for those with a love of Italian faye.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
The best Indian restaurant in Bristol. I have eaten times+ over 12 years. The staff are so helpful and the food is so darn tasty. I tend to ask for "no oil" and they always make sure I am happy. What else is there to say? Just give it a go!
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
110 reviews
A decent curry, really great music (Buddha Lounge, Thievery Corporation etc) and Raj was chatty and welcoming. I plan to return soon.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
A did some comedy here on a Tuesday evening. It was a night to forget :D (I wouldn't open with it...)
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
There is a selection of meats and loads of vegetables. A good spot to choose if you are hungry!
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago