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I am an official Google Small Business Advisor. (NEW)
And will helps your business, large or small, to build brand, engage community and increase your conversions. Get in touch with me here to chat more:
We are proud to announce our 2016 Google Small Business Advisors. This select group of small business experts represent a wide cross-section of professional knowledge but they all share one goal - to help your small business succeed online and beyond.
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Thanks everyone! It is going to be a fun year - and we are already implementing a great plan to help businesses in the USA and UK.
Make sure you check out for the latest.

martin shervington

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Google Beacons and Marketing.
Essential reading/listening if you want to get ready for the next wave...

p.s. back to G+ in full effect very soon ;)
How beacon technology and Google's open beacon format can revolutionize the way retailers measure the impact of online ads.
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See you brother...?
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martin shervington

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Are you ready for today's challenge?
Check out #SmallBizGames for some great content to grow you business.

My tips are coming you way in just over an hour's time...
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Qu'est ce que vous faites... Je ne parle pas l'anglais je suis un pays francophone donc si pouvez vous m'explique. 
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martin shervington

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G'day! In my capacity as a Google Small Business Advisor I will be engaged in this campaign.
Including this Friday when you will receive share loads of hints and tips re: Google My Business.
See you then :D

The #SmallBizGames have begun! For the next two weeks, we’ll unveil a digital marketing challenge each day to help your small business get to world-class marketing status.

Check back tomorrow as we reveal the first challenge of the #SmallBizGames!
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Cool beans 😎 #hashtag now stored ☺️ +martin shervington​
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martin shervington

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It's never too early to get ahead of the #BackToSchool rush. Is your #smallbiz ready to stand out with reviews? Learn more here:
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martin shervington

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That's all folks! I am bowing out.
Well, for a couple/few weeks.
Time for me to focus. I shall return :D

p.s. I've been studying beacons in London with the awesome Martin Holmes...
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So nice
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martin shervington

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Checking you've seen this one...

(sunny in Wales today!)

Does your #smallbiz show up when customers search for you on Google Search and Maps? Get discovered with these helpful tips from Google Small Business Advisor, +martin shervington:
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Thanks all! 

martin shervington

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Google My Business (TIPS and STORIES)
The way to gain more traction when people are searching for you using Google Search and Maps.

Building a business can be a marathon, but my adding Google My Business as part of your regime, you have even more of a fighting chance. As such, for #SmallBizGames I thought you would like some hints, tips and anecdotes to get you even better success.

Let’s begin…

The starting line:
The first thing to do is to pop over to and see whether you already have your business listing created.
If you do, you will want to claim it (if not done already) - you will see a ‘Claim this business’ button.
If not, you can follow the process of setting one up by adding your address, and the category of business.
Quick story: I’ve advised thousands of small businesses owner over the years and I am still surprised when I find smart business owners who still haven’t claimed their listing.
Recently, I was with one client who had almost 100 reviews, and still hadn’t claimed their listing. It just takes a ‘click’ to get moving, and to unlock the ability to really be in control of the information people want to see.
Action step: claim your listing today, or get one set up.
Once you’ve done that you are over the line and ready to consider your...

The Race Times:
25% businesses have seasonal opening hours, but only 1% change their listings.
With 52% of people looking for opening hours on Google, this is bound to mean some businesses will be giving out-of-date information.

Action step: visit and check on your times of opening, making updates whenever there is a change.

Engage Your Spectators
Every picture you have displayed tells a story about who you are and what you do.
By making them the most impactful when people see your listing, you are much more likely to engage their minds.
Now you can add things like Team Photos, Food Photos, and Menu Photos when relevant.
Also think about adding in a virtual tour - like a 360 photo - as they really help people feel they know you and your business before they arrive.

Quick story: I’ve been adding pictures to literally hundreds of businesses around the world - with curry houses being one of my favourite places to eat. The 3 Mughals in South Wales have already scored over 30,000 views on a single picture!

Action step: visit your page, check on your images, organize them into them into the best order to tell the story you want.
Also, remember you can ask guests who visit to add their own pics using Google Maps too. Great for good community vibes.

Speed Ahead with Great Reviews
When people search for businesses like yours, they will often compare the listings based on the number and quality of reviews that are displayed.
Quick story: one client and friend in San Francisco told me that a single good review of their cosmetic dentistry business could influence tens of thousands of dollars of new business. Reviews really matter.
Action Step: check your listing and go and engage with the people who are leaving you reviews - saying thank you for the positive ones, and helping to resolve any issues that people may have expressed too.
And don’t worry if you haven’t received any reviews as yet, you can ask people to visit Google Maps and give their opinion there.

The finish line!
Now you are on the way to having a winning Google listing.
And if you want more resources, check out the videos from Google here:

Thanks +Google Small Business for asking me to be involved.
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I know you're Picture
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martin shervington

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Are you up for the challenge? Give your #smallbiz a custom domain and share your achievement using #SmallBizGames.

Go the extra mile and reach your business goals with +AdWords
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martin shervington

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NEW: from +Canva - mobile app!

I use Canva just about everyday. One of the best apps out there for image creation. Check it out :D

#iphone #socialmediatools #contentmarketing
Create beautiful designs and professional graphics in seconds. Share your design via any social media, email or text. Download it now to start designing!
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so beautiful
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Against all expectation, in direct contrast to what one might expect of me on paper, I spent most of my teenage life in a perpetual state of anger. There I was, enjoying what can only be described as a privileged white life, with primary concerns being surfing and girls, growing up in Australia at a time when it was called “the land of plenty” ( and I could feel myself wanting to rage at the world, blast out at everything in sight.

In the long years since I have come to not only temper that sense of anger that has never quite gone away but also step back from it sufficiently to ask: “why”? The Wikipedia definition actually provides some clues ( It calls anger an emotional response to a “perceived provocation or threat” and the teenage me (and later the slightly more mature and controlled adult I became) has always felt that there was a larger system at work. One that I could neither directly see nor ever hope to affect and that system ran my life. Determined my future. Defined me.

In the 70s the world was locked in a state of tense détente ( where the steps that were being taken to reduce the possibility of a nuclear holocaust were also drawing attention to it. There was the feeling that processes were grinding away in backroom deals, decisions taken away from the public scrutiny, the fate of the world was being shaped by men who somehow felt they were more than the rest (and they weren’t).

In the intervening years the world has become a little more transparent and its processes a little more understood but the sense of anger, generally, has only increased. Interestingly (and revealingly) anger is seen as a response to a threat being posed upon our identity ( What is a biological device meant to help us create who we are, fast and then enable us to hold onto it and defend it, also becomes a leftover that guides us throughout life.

In a world where we have access to information the sense of threat, the fear that ‘others’ are directing what we do. The belief that somehow we are under constant threat, has only increased. Americans (because we have studies) seem to be angrier than ever: but judging by anecdotal evidence, looking at reactions across social media (, this is a global phenomenon.

A Chinese study showed that anger spreads faster than any other emotion across the web: The sense of threat, the perception of unidentified fear, stronger than ever. There are suggestions on how to address this of course, including having more empathy and greater emotional intelligence ( but they fall short on the how to achieve this.

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kailash Satyarthi suggests that anger is a good path to other things and should be embraced: Socially we seem to have somewhat accepted if not completely embraced anger: If anger is a ‘childish’ response, retaining into adulthood may, perhaps, give us the means to do something differently: - to control it, to channel it, not so that we can make it go away but so that we can actually understand its source, understand our selves better and do something about it.

Anger, of course, can also be used to blind us: We can lash out, give into it, wallow in its sensation, achieve nothing but feel, somehow the emotional catharsis of its passage. In Dune Frank Herbert’s Classic SF novel, the Litany Against Fear has stood out as something we should all aspire to use: We understand that fear can control us to the extent that we lose control of ourselves and who we are. Anger is no different.

So, the answer to anger is not to banish it or avoid it. What we feel needs to be embraced. But is also needs to be understood. And then gently guided towards a positive outcome. We treat ourselves, then, no differently than what we should be treating each other, if only our anger did not sometimes get the better of us ( Like most things, anger handled correctly, can be a key to our inner self: A means of empowerment:

As a teen I’d often go looking for fights. It felt good to lash out and feel vindicated. It was also a teen thing to do and in retrospect utterly stupid. Most of us are not teens any more. There are plenty of things to feel angry about still. But we should be using the emotion to understand its roots, understand us and then understand what our next step should be.

And…yeah, this: Smells Like Teen Spirit is still a tune I belt out in the car at times: Coz. It feels good.

I hope you’ve been cool, smart and collected which means that right now you have at hand ample coffee to get you through the day, donuts galore. Chocolate ice cream (coz it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere), chocolate cake, croissants and cookies. Fuel the rage and have an awesome Sunday, wherever you are.

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a must read..thanks..
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  • University of London
    Organisational Psychology, 2000 - 2004
  • University of Birmingham
    Law and Business (LLB), 1991 - 1995
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About me:
I consult businesses on Marketing and Business Strategy - 17 years experience.
This was recognised recently by Google, and I am now an official Google Small Business Advisor (the only Brit) - one of 34 worldwide.

I've built my personal and business brand globally using Social Media, and am known to be one of the leading authorities in how to approach modern marketing.

I also speak at events and moderate panels - and sometimes even do stand-up comedy.

Want to connect on Skype? I am @MartinSherv
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Kind words and courses:

“When it comes to social media, Martin Shervington is one of the most clever and hard working people you’ll find. He’ll help you take your game to the next level.” Guy Kawasaki

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"Martin was one of the top-rated speakers at Social Media Marketing World (4.7/5.0). Several attendees proclaimed his session was the best of the conference, and the best on Google+ they have heard.His session was practical, understandable, entertaining and actionable. Martin is approachable, likeable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend working with him again." Mike Stelzner

"Reviews are the lifeblood of most local companies, and Martin and his team provide the wisdom and guidance you need to master this business imperative.” Jay Baer, NY times Best Selling Author

My Reviews Course for -

"Martin possesses extraordinary skills as a panel moderator. He listens well and knows how to draw out the wisdom from each panelist while extracting value for the audience. World class."
Phil Mershon, head of conference bookings for ‘Social Media Marketing World’

'Plus Your Business!': 
We help you build your brand, engage your community and increase conversions. Find out more here:
We are proud to be a Google Partner.

We undertake Agency work for clients we know we can help.

“Martin Shervington can help you grow your business. Smart guy.” Chris Brogan, NY times best selling author

Sound good? Get in touch!

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I taught windsurfing in Australia for a couple of years. Beautiful!
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Marketing Strategy, Google for Business, Community Building
    2013 - present
    Strong focus on the value Google eco-system for business, and riding the wave of technology transforming people's lives:
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These good people are doing some great work in the realm of Industrial 3D printing. One to watch!
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Super haircut from Nathan. Recommended!
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Tidy lunch.
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Super local pub.
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Get the pork belly. Lovely jubbly.
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