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25 maps that explain the English language 
I enjoy such things...
From Beowulf to Wikipedia, here's how English grew, spread, and changed.
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Excellent, +martin shervington. That first map of the tree is just so amazing. 
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martin shervington

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Time for me to head up to the City to perform some stand-up...
(I make it sound far grander than it is, think parrot and a toilet roll level of entertainment. Still watching though, aren't you? :D)
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Truly Astonished 
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martin shervington

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How to Embed HOA Videos on Your Website (NEW)
The Hangouts man himself, +Ronnie Bincer, it starting to blog more, which makes me happy.
Here is a handy tip for your HOAs to gain legs and move to your website...enjoy!
How to Embed HOA Videos on Your Website
You work hard to make your Hangout on Air (HOA) broadcasts worth watching... why not use them to drive traffic to your website?

People watching videos on your website increases 'time on site' - a good factor to improve your website's ranking. And when visitors stay on your site, there is a better chance they'll look around and find more of the things you want them to find there!

Check out the detailed steps in the linked article for locating the HOA video embed code so you can easily include your HOA videos right on your site. We cover multiple ways to find the embed code no matter which method you used to create your Hangout on Air broadcast.

One Embed Code, 3 Uses
It is the same video embed code that is used to display the pre-show countdown (pictured here) as well as the live broadcast and the recorded version of the show... all depending on when the viewer clicks the play arrow.

I've even shared a little known tip that makes it easier to modify the HOA video embed code for the next video you want added to your site.

Get More Mileage from your HOA Videos
Not everyone watches your Hangouts on Air live so get some extra value from your HOAs by adding them to your website so they can 'live on' well into the future.

Here's the direct link to the article:
=== ===
#HOAtips   #HOAvideoEmbed   #HOAembedCode   #AllAboutHangouts  
Learn how to find the code and embed HOA videos on your website. Hangouts on Air broadcasts automatically make videos which can be embedded on your website.
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Can you embed a private hangout on a webpage
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martin shervington

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Time to step out...
Being funny has relocated to tomorrow evening now; so time for a curry instead :D
See ya.
Sunset nears at Hahei Beach in New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula...

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Light Photographed As A Wave And A Particle For The First Time. (BLOG AND VIDEO)
"Scientists have long known that light can behave as both a particle and a wave—Einstein first predicted it in 1909. But no experiment has been able to show light in both states simultaneously..."

#scienceeveryday   #science  
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Thank you so much for the interesting information! Nice post!!
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AR and VR headset. (QUICK VIDEO)
Ping +James Dearsley, and one for you +Gideon Rosenblatt and +David Amerland 
This is kind of crazy, watch the video:
Swiss neurotechnology company MindMaze has conceived the ultimate — or at least somewhere around the penultimate — cyberpunk VR setup. Imagine a blocky virtual reality headset that looks like a...
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Thanks for the ping +martin shervington there is such a move in the #VR  space - not to mention the world of Haptic Feedback which adds that extra dimension. Virtual Reality tricks the eyes, earphones will trick the ears but it is only know that devices like this are starting to trick that little sense known as touch. There are a few that are integrating with the Microsoft Kinect and producing interesting results. Its the future.....interested in +Gideon Rosenblatt and +David Amerland's opinions here too.....
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martin shervington

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Well, some comedy has been written ready to try out tonight :D, and I am getting set for a day of planning around here. How about you?
(I am about in the communities if you need me.)
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Funnily enough curry is a good possibility +martin shervington. Heh
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martin shervington

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3 years ago to the day I decided to give this Google+ thing a go. I had no idea what I would learn or where it would take me. And now we are here.
I was going to write a long thank you note to everyone, waxing lyrically on what I'd learned, and who I'd had the honour of meeting. With over 1000 days, and probably 10,000+ hours of being here I didn't know where to start. Put simply, it continues to be quite a ride. 
Have an amazing Friday and here is to the next wave, unexpected dolphins and all.

h/t +Surfing 
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Beautiful photo and wonderful gratitude shared.
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Social Media Marketing and the Power of Google Plus. (BLOG)
The real power is in the relationships and the connections you make on here...

Almost a year ago I was at the Social Media Marketing World conference, this post tells the story. Including the creation of SuperGPlusto too. 

#socialmediamarketing   #socialmedia  
If you are keen to use social media for marketing then Google+ will connect you to the right people with whom you want to build relationships.
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Wow! It's so cool to see how far the wave of the last year brought +Plus Your Business! I'm so looking forward to the next year :-).
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martin shervington

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What you got planned for today then? :D
This is a shot I am quite fond of. First of all its in a stunning location on top of Sutton Bank and the path to Sneck Yate. I chose the composition as I liked the path leading through the open gate (which was also lit by the setting sun) and in to the distance. I'm on a role at the moment with the North York Moors and enjoying sharing the images i have shot over the last few years. I will then move on to other areas of Britain including the Lakes,Yorkshire Dales,Wales,Scotland and many other areas. So keep an eye out for my posts. 
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Your welcome and thanks
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Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron - Trailer 3.
Thor: "That the best you can do?"
Ultron: [chuckles]
Captain America: "You had to ask..."
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"Ya hadda ask..." :)
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martin shervington

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Storytelling and Humour (BLOG and VIDEO)
Thanks +Barry Feldman (who has been 'pecking around' - Woodpecker/Weasel call back :D)
And to +Tim Washer who is very funny. And to +Jay Baer for is Jay (which is enough!). Enjoy.
The Most Important Content Marketing Skill and How to Master It
by +Barry Feldman 

You’ll need a number of skills to master content marketing. The most important of them is teaching.

In an effort to explore the topic further, I pecked my way around the web, digging up insights from a variety of experts qualified to opine on the qualities of the best teachers.

I wasn’t surprised to find a number of the themes my kids hit on re-emerge—especially humor, interaction, and unpredictability. It’s kind of a lesson within this lesson: Want to know what works best? Ask your #audience.

#socialmediamarketing #contentmarketing 
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Michel, Louisa, 
Thanks so much. I'm happy you liked it. It was fun doing the research on that topic. You gotta' love learning, as the post says in the end. 
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