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  • University of London
    Organisational Psychology, 2000 - 2004
  • University of Birmingham
    Law and Business (LLB), 1991 - 1995
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Plus Your Life and Business!
Speaker, Consultant, Author, Professional Coach, Marketing Psychologist. 

About me: 
Myself and the 'Plus Your Business' team spend our time supporting the community.

I have written several books and even the non-verbal communication section in Professor Robert Winston's book, "Human".
I love writing on the psychology of Google+

My blog: 

Please contact me about coaching, consulting, speaking events and conferences overseas. 

What I get up to on Google+
My focus is supporting people in these two areas...

1. 'Plus Your Life!': free courses, daily videos, content to engage your mind
The Personal Development community: Plus Your Life! 

2. 'Plus Your Business!': Helping companies, brands and individual business owners    transform people's lives through Google's Products and Services, including Google+
The Page:
The business community: 
Plus Your Business! 

Extra activities:

I help run the United Kingdom community

Also, here is the page for one of the meme days we started:

This is the official Google+ community - an excellent place to start and check out for anything to do with plus.

A little trivia:
Explorer of consciousness, marketeer, writer on communication including Google+
Big fan of Ken Wilber, Robert Kegan and the whole integral world. 
Author of 8 books and scripts with a psychological twist - sometimes they are even funny.
And, btw, I really love Star Wars, did I mention that? :D

Thanks for reading this far and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Bragging rights
I taught windsurfing in Australia for a couple of years. Beautiful!
Speaker, Coach, Consultant
Marketing Strategy, Google for Business, Community Building
    2013 - present
    Strong focus on the value Google eco-system for business, and riding the wave of technology transforming people's lives:
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San Francisco - Maresias - San Diego - Bristol - Istanbul - Sydney - Costa Rica - Perth
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martin shervington

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A map of the new Google EcoSystem. (NEW)
Here is a way of thinking, and linking, many different aspects of Google together...

Sign up for my free new 'Go Mobile with Google' course here:
(launching soon)

#google   #googleforbusiness   #ecosystem  
The Google ecosystem is made for business, and it is time to create a broader map of how the apps all fit together.
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+martin shervington I hope so, I guess photographers are not the target audience for the new g+ though, many are about to give up and are reluctantly searching for a new home, we don't want to but there's significant loss of functionality unfortunately. 
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martin shervington

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G+ update.

h/t +Denis Labelle 
G+ Web Preview Update
As promised, we're continuing to listen and respond to feedback on the new Google+.

Today we're launching a number of updates to our Web preview including:
- Adding a 3 column stream view for very wide screens
- Adding the ability to reply to comments in context
- Removing the limit on circle streams in the menu (previously 6)
- Adding the option to view 'Posts from Circle' from the Following screen

These changes (which you can see in the image below) will be rolling out today. And look for more updates on Android, iOS, and the Web soon. Thanks~
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Some of the data geeks here on the + should keep a running record of how fast undies get unwound as Google comes out with updates to a change. And compare it to how fast they get wound when they make a change.

I would be curious to read that study guess would be they get wound at 5 times the rate of unwinding.       Happy thanksgiving     
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martin shervington

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Keyword Research Tool Universe.

h/t +Eric Enge, and +Rand Fishkin

#seo #adwords #keywordresearch
The Keyword Research Tools Universe in 2015

I've collected and shared the results from the 300+ responses received in my survey on keyword research tools:

Many thanks to all who participated!
In 2015, I’ve been pretty obsessed with keyword research and the tools web marketers are using to do it. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m working with Russ Jones (after our SERPscape acquisition) and a small team at Moz to build something in this space. But, I’m always trying to learn more …
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martin shervington

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Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, wherever you may be.

#thanksgiving #thankful
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martin shervington

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The evolution of smiling, in photos.

One for you +Jörg-Peter Rabanus and +Thorsten Rabanus :D
The Image of the World We See

The tools we use to record the present are abstract representations, symbols, if you like, of things that exist which we then understand conceptually to be what they are. Writing enables me to sign an email with "David" which the person receiving it understand it's from me: a person, who has some interests, lives in a particular space and time on planet Earth and has some expertise on specific subjects. CH4 is the chemical formula for methane, a flammable gas that is found as a byproduct of certain biochemical processes and which has the potential to damage the environment through its interaction with chemical elements in the biosphere.

A name and a chemical formula are classifiers, they stand for an entire collection of other names and other chemical formulas which themselves represent an ontology which can be further structured into sexes, ethnicities, nationalities (for names) and inert, volatile and reactive (for gases).

The point is that neither methane nor "David" would be subject to that kind of analysis had it not been for chemistry and handwriting. Similarly, photography, represents an abstraction. We photograph people and things but we also photograph moments and capture memories. We encode on paper (and now in digital) a collection of entities, frozen in time and space that signify something greater than what they are because of what they represent.

The value of such analysis in the age of Big Data and Machine Learning is that we can crunch through masses of data sets to find overlapping points and points of differentiation which show just how the means we use to communicate changes how we communicate by slightly altering our perception of things.

Just like now I did not need to start this post with the 19th century journalistic staple of "Dear reader," we also, when photographing or being photographed no longer have to guess at the context of the photograph we are taking part in or how it will be consumed or what it is intended to do.

This affects everything from the postures we adopt when being photographed to our willingness to smile (that was heavily promoted by Kodak as the way to capture "happy memories"). Check out this machine learning algorithm used in a study that went through a century of school yearbook photos, and this revealed. Dive in: and .... happy Wednesday!

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Thank you, +martin shervington  for sharing it with us. Wonderful post! Keep Smiling!
h/t to +David Amerland :)
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martin shervington

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QUESTION: Did you receive a notification for this Collection? (Life, the Universe and Everything)

Please comment 'yes' below if you do. And don't say anything if you didn't (i.e. you saw it only in your stream)
No need to +1; shares disabled.

p.s. testing something. Thanks.

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Got it. Thanks.
No major insights as yet...
I think it will be interesting to see how 'notify' for circles, and for individual collections plays out. Onwards!
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martin shervington

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Google+ stats.

See y'all tomorrow.


h/t +Eric Enge 
Google+ is More Popular Than You Think

GlobalWebIndex's chart of the day covers Google+'s surprising popularity, particularly in some developing regions where Internet adoption is high.
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Yanks're all on Instagram now.
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martin shervington

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Watch The Doctor explain 100 years of Einstein's theory of relativity. (3 mins)
Amusingly done...

#science #spacetime #einstein 
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thien tai
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martin shervington

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YouTube Update.

Thanks +Peggy K
New! Create a YouTube channel unconnected to Google+

New YouTube channels use the name and profile photo from your Google About Me page (

Get all the details:

> You can still use just one name by entering a period ( . ) in the last name field

> Name changes are limited, so be sure to set the name the way you want!

> If you want to use a different name than the one you use for other Google products (like Gmail and Hangouts), select the option to use a Business or Other name. This will create a new channel connected to a Google+ Page.

This also means that if you have a YouTube channel using your personal name, you can delete your Google+ Profile without affecting your channel.

> you can only run a Hangout on Air from YouTube Live Events if you don't have a Google+ Profile

> deleting your Google+ Profile will not remove your channel's Custom URL if it is already set.

But do not delete a Google+ Page (subaccount) connected to your channel! There is not (yet) an option to disconnect a channel from a Google+ Page.

If you never connected your channel to Google+, you will need to Confirm your name in order to use all YouTube features, like commenting. When you confirm your name your channel will use your Google account name and profile photo at

Reasons to keep Google+

> if you want notifications under the bell

> if you want to claim a new custom URL for your channel

> to use a different name for your YouTube channel than you use across the rest of Google, your channel must be connected to a Google+ Page

> to have multiple managers of your YouTube channel, it must be connected to a Google+ Page

Your channel and Google+

Impact of removing Google+

Delete your Google+ Profile

Confirm your name

Did you inadvertently delete your Google+ Page and its YouTube channel? Restore it in Google My Business (
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Peggy K
Thanks for passing on the information +martin shervington​!
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martin shervington

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Interest Graph, and the new Google+

The New Google+ Is All About That Interest Graph #NewGooglePlus #InterestGraph

Google+ is simplifying and speeding things up. Or, it's gutting all the cool functionality and alienating many hardcore power users. Or it's trying one last, desperate bid to save the network from failure. It all depends on who you ask about it, really.

Regardless of who you ask, though, the new Google+ is all about that graph, 'bout that graph, no Friends List. By graph, I mean Interest Graph, the graph of all the things you're interested to follow, share, and discuss.

While interests are targeted by every social network, none has captured this niche as well as Facebook has captured the Social Graph of your contacts.

Can the new Google+ be a major player in this market?

Read More:
Will the New Google+ become a threat to other interest and community based social networks and online forums?
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Thanks, +martin shervington​!
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martin shervington

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QUESTION: Did you receive a notification for this Collection? (Business - connecting the dots!)

Please comment 'yes' below if you do. And don't say anything if you didn't (i.e. you saw it only in your stream)
No need to +1; shares disabled.

p.s. testing something. Thanks.

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Thanks all! Good to see so many familiar faces :D

martin shervington

Shared publicly  - 
Note taking: the merits of going old school.

Great find +Adel Brown!

#moleskine   #notetaking  
Do You Take Notes on Your Laptop?

You may want to reconsider old-fashioned pen and paper.

A Princeton and UCLA study shows "when you only use a laptop to take notes, you don’t absorb new materials as well, largely because typing notes encourages verbatim, mindless transcription."
Research shows the many benefits of taking notes by hand.
View original post
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I use Google Keep on my Android phone for all my note taking.
I use Gesture Typing: (Slide your finger from letter to letter. Completes a word before you’ve finished the gesture, especially useful when gesturing longer words.) which gives me speed.
It allows me to engage with the discussion and be mindful of what I'm writing down and why I'm writing it down. Often I'm not transcribing verbatim. I'm putting it down in my own words. This enhances my recollection of the notes.
The labels and sharing options of Google Keep also provides easier data/ thought/ concept/ idea retrieval and collaboration.
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Impressive part of the city.
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One of my favorite places in Astana.
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Good local shop.
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Has an ATM, but there was a sign saying has run out of money, or similar.
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