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martin shervington
Virtually funny.
Virtually funny.

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What marketers need to know about Ai (machine learning/predictive analysis).
My latest guest blog for the good people at +Talkwalker
Thanks to +Eric Siegel and +David Amerland and +Kirk Borne for their input.

p.s. I've been quiet over summer, but will return in full effect soon :)

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15 Tips for even more Effective Communication.
#communication #communications skills

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How to write a press release. (TIPS)
If you are looking at ways to get some free publicity, then check out the tips below...

#publicrelations #pr

p.s. may well be seeing more of me very soon...

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Love Virtually: Martin and Elisa's Virtual Reality (VR) Wedding Story (60ish mins)
p.s. this is the video, inc. BBC TV show sections - start and finish, from the VR wedding last year.
#valentinesday #valentines #virtualreality

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NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming.
Courses that help to dramatically improve communication skills. Held in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

p.s. testing an SEO approach for a client...
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Social Media Strategy Tips
Includes me talking a little about VR/AR/MR.
"As content creators we all sense VR/AR/MR is a field about to explode. And having recently got married (for real) in virtual reality, it may come as no surprise I see it as a winning way to have fun and build a brand in this new space. Myself and my wife - Elisa - received a huge amount of coverage, including TV and features on With a little creativity, I'd say people can replicate the model and use Social VR to tell their stories in a new way."
Thanks to +Talkwalker

(I'm deep into Ai studies right now - lots to follow...)

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Including..."In 2017 we will see the next phase of platform adoption in VR...

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Thanks to everyone who could make it. And to +TIME for covering the story of getting married in two worlds on the same day.
Find my friends +martin shervington​ & Elisa Shervington on how they got married in #VR +AltspaceVR​ and featured in +TIME​ ❤️💛💙
“Marriage is in the heart,” Martin said. “We have the memory of getting married in parallel, virtual and real world in our minds.”

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Myself and Elisa got married in VR the other day (for real), which was filmed by the BBC. Here is one of our guest's perspectives on it all...
“Your Virtual Wedding Hall”
Lance G Powell on his experience in the virtual wedding ceremony by +martin shervington​ & Elisa
@lancegpowelljr #VR #AltspaceVR #wedding

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Today (6th May 2017) it is 1001 days until 0202 2020
- which makes it a Meta Palindrome...

(this is what happens after months of myself and Elisa researching/writing comedy about Artificial Intelligence...we don't waste our evenings...)
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