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martin shervington

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See you all tomorrow! :D
Thanks +Joe Smith 
Blood Moon eclipse from last night!
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Three more to go for 2014 folks...
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The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth, I tell ya!
I've just bought this :D
Congratulations to +Chris Brogan.
I just want to thank Wiley for letting me know that The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth is the #1 preordered book at Wiley - 
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great! Had read his previous book and loved it. First I need to finish +David Amerland new book than on to this. Thanks for pointing this out +martin shervington
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Complete Introduction to Google+
Just about everything you'll need to get rolling...
#googleplustips   #googleplus  
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martin shervington

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Happy Star Wars Tuesday!
This was a clever one...

Ping +Mike Allton and +Mia Voss :D
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Rey Ley
Great angle! Thanks for putting an smile +martin shervington  
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martin shervington

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I'll explaining why I posted this soon (not yet though)... ;)

martin shervington

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Starting now!...with me :)
Glass in the Class Episode 5: Who cares if I can work in a group or not?

Youtube Live Event URL: Here's the rundown: 

My classroom for 15-20 minutes with my students.
3 perspectives: Google Glass, The computer camera, and the camera on my guest.
Discussing how communication and changing technology has affected the life/work of my guest.

So who's my guest to discuss group communication you ask?!

Many of us easily forget how often we work in groups. Well one person who has always espoused the importance of groups, communities, and tribes is +martin shervington. So who better to have talking to my students about group communication today!

With the incredible tools we have, such as Google+, Google Drive, Google Hangouts and more group communication hasn't only become easier, but it's gone global! Understanding how we can most effectively communicate in groups then, especially considering cultural differences is imperative to business today. Let's just hope my students see that by the end of the show ;)

As always I'd also like to thank +John Ellis for running my cameras for me (it's really early in the morning for him) and +todd l lebeauc for the mad imaging skills on the banner!

Live Event URL:
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martin shervington

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8 Things Jay is Trying to Improve with This New Convince and Convert Website
Have you seen this yet?
I think it is really beautiful resource for content marketing.

Quick request:
+Jay Baer is being increasingly active on Google+, he is starting to fall in love with it, I can tell ;)
He's also been super supportive to myself and +Wade Harman in recent interviews.
As such, he would love to hear your feedback (see below), so check it out and let's ping him into the thread. You never know, he may well pop by to say 'hi' too :D

The message from Jay...
"After a long gestation, I am delighted that we have launched the new site.
Here are the 8 main things I’m trying to improve with this new design:

•  A Real Home Page
•  Boost Email Signups
•  More Podcast Emphasis
•  Mobile Consistency
•  Increase Time on Site
•  Category Clean-up
•  Consulting and Client Clarity
•  Widgets and Time Savers

I can’t wait to see what the impact of this new design is on our analytics. What do you think of it? Thanks as always for your support!"

And thank you all from me too.
p.s. how many of you clicked the image thinking it was a video? :P
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+Yolanda Nix good! My plan worked :P
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I used to live in Bristol, where Banksy has many murals. I like his sense of humour insight.
Mobile Lovers
"[Graffiti artist] Banksy has dropped a new mural in the UK, and the subject is something we can all relate to. The piece, called 'Mobile Lovers,' depicts a couple embracing, but instead of gazing lovingly into each other's eyes, they're wrapped up in their cellphones."


Image via Banksy.
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+Piera Coppola they tend to get vandalized, so the intent may have been positive ;)
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Starting in 20 mins...
I recently met Sue and she is new to Google+, but you just wait and see...she is super cool, funny and one of the most genuinely engaging people you'll ever meet.
She is big into Instagram, and even got me started a week or so ago, but knows Google+ is the place to be right now.
So, hope to see you on Tuesday next week when you can learn more about how she has built up 18 businesses over the years, and is simply great company to be around. Until Tuesday!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by martin shervington. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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all right give it up dude , what a crock of sh1t.   you seriously gonna get them to believe you WACCO kid wake up
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martin shervington

commented on a video on YouTube.
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"All Marketers are Liars" - Seth Godin speaks at Google
This was from 7 years ago and was recommended by YouTube. Very interesting to watch now...
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+Deborah L Gabriel I am at 20 minutes watching ,let me come back to you later and confirm ;)
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Have him in circles
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Explorer of consciousness, marketeer, writer on communication including Google+
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Author of 8 books and scripts with a psychological twist - sometimes they are even funny.
And, btw, I really love Star Wars, did I mention that? :D

Thanks for reading this far and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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I taught windsurfing in Australia for a couple of years. Beautiful!
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Loved this place. Very cool bar, with super friendly bar and waiting staff. I especially liked the bar girl who looked like a pixie; cute and with some awesomely entertaining facial expressions. Can I say that on a Google Local review? Yes, yes I can. Anyway, this place has some style, good music and the clientele were lovely too. And it is dog friendly outside. Recommended. p.s. if the beautiful lady working behind the bar would like to give in touch then drop me an email to...ok, that would be a bit much, but yes I really should have asked you name and I hope you don't mind your me making your likeness to a pixie. You are especially adorable when you bite your lower lip after you talk. Really should stop this review now as it is getting a little gushing. Ok, I'm gone :)
• • •
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The best fish tacos so far! I went with the grilled Mahi-Mahi with the spicy sauce (the one in the fridge). Love this place.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Awesome pasta and sauces, this place is an institution for those with a love of Italian faye.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
The best Indian restaurant in Bristol. I have eaten times+ over 12 years. The staff are so helpful and the food is so darn tasty. I tend to ask for "no oil" and they always make sure I am happy. What else is there to say? Just give it a go!
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
110 reviews
A decent curry, really great music (Buddha Lounge, Thievery Corporation etc) and Raj was chatty and welcoming. I plan to return soon.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
A did some comedy here on a Tuesday evening. It was a night to forget :D (I wouldn't open with it...)
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reviewed 2 months ago
There is a selection of meats and loads of vegetables. A good spot to choose if you are hungry!
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reviewed 2 months ago