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Why cats aren't good at meetings!
This is too funny :D (I chortled.)
Happy Caturday one and all! :D

Thanks +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales 
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+Buzzy the Cat, check this out.
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How to find your 100 brand evangelists using Google+! (TODAY - SAN DIEGO)
And I will be talking about an insight I had here, thanks to +Steve Rayson and supported by +Chuck Wang as to why people have a different perpective to many of us using Google+...
If you are here, come say "hi" too! :D

#SMMW15   #whiteandgold  
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+Sandi Eveleth مرحبا
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Going live in 40 mins!
So many great people to connect with at #SMMW15  and so much to tell you about what is going on. This is going to be a lot of fun :D
And there may well be some familiar faces live from the hotel, as well as +David Amerland joining us in the hangout too (as we couldn't do it without him, could we? :D)
Myself and hangout-on-air expert +Travis Taylor will be connecting with the masterly +Ronnie Bincer on Thursday. All being well, hotel bandwidth allowing, we will have a fun show streamed live from San Diego.
You never know what is going to happen with this one, and who may well pop in, so hope to see you then!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Plus Your Business!. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
The PYB show from SMMW15!
Thu, March 26, 2:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Great stuff guy's and Sir +martin shervington thank you:-)
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Shift your perspective!

Thanks for the ping +David Amerland :D


We spent the best part of the 20th century buying into an "Us" vs "them" ideology, a triumph of "good" over "evil" when really things are way more grey in hue. While Lucas' vision took us down an ever devolving fairy tale world you can't help but question "Why?" and 'evil empire' does not  just come into being, nor does it sustain itself  without doing something good, without delivering some benefits. 

Here, well I was rooting for the Tie Fighters :D
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All fair points, and well received. Thank you!

martin shervington

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Putting our cities on the map!
Supporting the community through helping businesses be easily found by the right people.
And all of that information gets drawn in from...wait for it...Google+
We're celebrating your community, your business, and the people that support you. Today, we launched a new program that makes it easy for local businesses to get found online and #OnTheMap Check it out at
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martin shervington

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Met with these fine fellows!
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Congratulations on a 1,000,000 followers!! Many thanks for all you give G+:))
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martin shervington

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Great developments from the good people at Circlecount!
Google+ Events on CircleCount

Today we are launching a new search and analysis tool for Google+ Events.

On the main page (linked above) you will find current Google+ Events. You will be able 
► to check for more events on other days with a date selector
► to search for events by keywords
► add new events that are not yet in our index

Every event is linked on this page to an analysis page where you can find more information about this event, like
► the most plusoned comments on the event
► the persons/pages with the most followers having commented on this event
► all commenters of this event
► all guests of this event who are going/went to the event

What could be a better example than an event with +Mark Traphagen, +Ronnie Bincer, +Jeff Sieh, +Wade Harman, +Eric Enge, +martin shervington, +David Amerland (ordered by their Google-ID ;) )?
Check out this event by +Plus Your Business! at:

What's the first event you will add on this page?

#circlecountupdate #events #analytics

Special thanks to the professional team of +Quote Mirror for providing the background image for this and many more upcoming posts. Please check out their awesome quotes and graphics!
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+CircleCount +martin shervington thanks, good stuff - have a wonderful w/e:)
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Morning all!
How you doing? :D
#perfectwave   #smmw15  
After a rough 2014, Zeke Lau is prepared for the next chapter. He says it will end with him qualifying for the +World Surf League Championship Tour. Photo: Noyle

Watch the exclusive sticker-free edit and see what he has to say:
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+Peter Feltham "trudge" is such a good word. It really captures the experience somehow. 
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Morning all!
I cannot begin to describe the experience at #SMMW15 , but if you watch the PYB show at 11am PST, I will do my best.
Hope you are all well and happy; reconnect with you soon.

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martin shervington

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Persuasive Technology.
Great find +Peggy K!
Pervasive, Persuasive Technology
Persuasive technologies surround us, and they’re growing smarter. How do these technologies work? And why?
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This was a really interesting read, +martin shervington, and it's led me to a couple of related articles that are super interesting. Thanks! 
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martin shervington

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Morning all!
You know cool things are going on in San Diego when I am up at 4.30am to connect online with the people I've connected with offline in the last 48 hours.
#SMMW15  is already underway...
+Ronnie Bincer and I finally connected after 3 years of online friendship and collaboration. LOVE the guy.
+Dustin W. Stout is a visual master, an explorer, a helper. I saw him flow advice for a new juicebar looking at getting more social. 
+Anna Bennett is super fun Pinterest expert. Circle her. She is VERY SMART too.
+Joel Comm such a FUNNY guy. Loved connecting.
+Jeff Sieh's beard is even more amazing in real life.
+Ian Cleary is just fantastic, as always.
+Mike Gingerich super nice guy who I first connected with when I met +Sue B. Zimmerman (who is a AMAZING).
+Lynette Young and I compared notes on how people simply don't understand Google+, but that is ok. There are many waves, and sometimes you just have to relax and enjoy the ride.
(So many more people I could add here!)
And then there is +Chris Brogan who, since last year's event has become a true friend. I collected Chris from the airport, hungout at +John L Settles's beach front chill zone (which is where I take the selfie videos that I post on Instagram, if you ever want to see me half asleep in the morning!), ate a spicy curry for lunch (which we've been planning for months), and then talked about minds meeting (more on that again), then ended up connecting up in the evening once more. He is such a good influence on me, and, btw, he loved the curry. (+Peter Feltham should be delighted.)
+Michael Stelzner and the +Social Media Examiner crew, including the lovely +Kimberly Reynolds, have created something very special indeed. Thank you for trusting me last year, and inviting me back again.
Time to get some emails together to help bring some people together. Truly amazing.
I'll be here for a few hours, then back into the flow, head spinning. This place enables you to remember your value to the community is determined by how many people you can help.

How are you? Need anything from me today? How can I help?
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Wow,it's cool.
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martin shervington

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I'm all in for National Puppy Day!
Love French Bulldogs.
Ping +Leila Martin +Suzanne Baracchini and +Brian Jensen too.
Move over kittens and babies, today is #NationalPuppyDay. This little guy is Barkley, a French Bulldog whose human works here at Google. 
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Everyday is Puppy Day for me! Thanks +martin shervington if only G+ would let us respond with a pic, I would adorn this thread my my puppy pics :D
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Have him in circles
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And, btw, I really love Star Wars, did I mention that? :D

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