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Like Stein and Yuri, I’ve got a bad feeling about the upcoming events in Afghanistan, Florence and Austin.  There is no way to calculate what will happen when the Shōnin stone is activated.  My effects and papers are all in a safe place with coded instructions (hmfzounf2/4) for retrieval. 
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The Age of the N'zeer might indeed mean the end of many - things and beings alike. Maybe those that are sensitive to XM will be affected more than others.
That marks a change in attitude from the first evidence of the portal barrier.
I'll be there to hopefully help us clarify these events. (for the "good" of humanity) 
I just want the truth to be revealed, Calvin, OLW,ADA, Hulong etc. Are all hiding things from us that would allow us to understand what the implications are and allow us to make proper Decisions. The more things change, The more they stay the same .......grrrrrr
+*****​k Sheng Lee 😴☺p-l
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