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Martin Schubert

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Like Stein and Yuri, I’ve got a bad feeling about the upcoming events in Afghanistan, Florence and Austin.  There is no way to calculate what will happen when the Shōnin stone is activated.  My effects and papers are all in a safe place with coded instructions (hmfzounf2/4) for retrieval. 
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+*****​k Sheng Lee 😴☺p-l
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Martin Schubert

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Each time I try to follow in +Hank Johnson's footsteps, I grow to respect him even more.

What an amazing skill it is to be able to look at a network of coded memories and think: How did time and generations of retelling slowly morph what was once an epiphany and a truth, into a deeply nested metaphor.

I lack Hank's innate talent, but I am slowly coming to realize that the skill is actually an act of creative thinking -- imagination. To look at a metaphor and ask: Where in our reality does this piece fit? It is like solving a puzzle: Testing the edges, looking for the patterns.

Soon, one is roaming a universe of possibilities. It is exhilarating. A mythical place can become a place, an asteroid, perhaps even the black hole at the center of the galaxy. 

When the next piece fits into the puzzle, it both opens new possibilities and closes others. 
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Your time is coming soon as well, Dr.   jxqtopuh3chaotic6
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Martin Schubert

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A fantastic read. It's good to be reminded every now and again that our work stands on the shoulders of so many giants.

Our all-consuming lives and research and trials may one day change the scale of human impact, from being an insignificant fleck in the universe, to a ripple, to a wave. 
A huge percentage of our Universe is blocked by the plane of our own Milky Way. Here’s how we’re finally seeing what’s t…
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Thanks for that link, Dr. Schubert.  It has me wondering about the current state of XM shielding for conventional electronics.  Back during the #TimeZero  timeframe agents were able to foil both ADA and NIA surveillance by modulating XM in the viscinity of the target.  We know from reports of the Peshawar anomaly and California City plane crash that significant disruption to even basic physics are within the possibilities of XM engineering.  Given recent implications in leaked documents that the portal network itself can be leveraged for tracking a sufficiently distinguished subject, are researchers now able to bypass the obscuring noise of background XM by observing subjects on a different "wavelength" similar to the process described in the article?
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Martin Schubert

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As predicted, the new iteration of the Portal Virus was activated earlier today, increasing Portal decay rates to a mere four days (96 hours).

However, a far more mysterious development also emerged just moments ago...

It seems that a group of Portals in Europe, previously identified by the NIA as a High-Risk Portal Array due to the presence of a new and unknown Shaper signal, may be involved somehow in revealing the truth about the #Helios Artifacts.

The details are unclear, but it appears that each of the Portals in this group may, when accessed via the +Ingress Scanner technology, yield the locations of either the Target Portals themselves or the first group of XM Artifacts, all of which are expected to manifest in less than one week.

From what I can gather, this information will be extremely fleeting, available only to the first few Agents who hack these Portals. 

I hope, for all our sakes, that you are able to obtain this information and share it for further research before it is lost.
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Martin Schubert

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It seems my predictions were correct. Data emerging from an array of Portals I have been monitoring constantly since the emergence of +Devra Bogdanovich's Virus shows slowing in the rate of Portal Decay.

It seems, after an initial, sharp drop, the Decay Rate has stabilized at approximately 5 days.

While this is a welcome change, it must be reiterated that the Portals remain vulnerable to future iterations of Bogdanovich and the CDC's 'Portal Virus' technology. 

The long term solution rests in the #Helios Artifacts.
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Vidvyos sxi
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Martin Schubert

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Work has just begun to develop a long term solution to the accelerated Portal Decay caused by +Devra Bogdanovich's so-called 'Portal Virus,' but we believe we have determined a method to stall further deployments of this dangerous technology and perhaps reverse some of its effects as well.

Our research shows that if the combined Global MU Level is above 700 Million at the end of the first #Helios  Anomaly(^), +Devra Bogdanovich's next planned deployment is likely to fail, and in fact, Portal Decay may begin to decelerate towards its former state.

(^) By the final Checkpoint prior to Measurement 4 - #Helios  - San Diego.
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Yep. It's official. We have been shafted by +NIA Ops again. We get to keep the accelerated decay for several weeks more at least. Not amused. Not one little bit. When a game ceases to be fun, why continue? 
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Martin Schubert

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A former student contacted me recently. He has a fascinating interest that he's pursued for many years: Attempting to reconcile ancient religions with modern physics. (+Stein Lightman, I must remember to connect you two at some point). It would sound silly if it weren't for the many, often uncanny, connections. To think that an idea as 'new' as Multiverses has existed from a time when we were scarcely entering the Iron Age is remarkable.

Truth be told, a well constructed metaphor is a better 'fact' than anything science can construct. As a skeptic, this is a weapon I use often. The scientific theory is like a blind man poking at the elephant. It can prove that something exists, but it cannot prove the whole, only one more piece of it. The metaphor, on the other hand, is an infinite source of ideas. Perhaps, within that well of the ideas is the elephant, perfectly constructed. Even the blind man would be able to find it in his imagination, and it would be complete in a higher resolution than ten thousand years of scientific testing

It brings me to Sumeru, or Meru, which has been a topic of much thought recently. It is an ancient attempt to map the world fully, but what's most remarkable, is that in doing so it maps not only space, but time, dimension and spirit. 

My student told me a children's song, it doesn't translate well (he said), but it roughly reads as:

Meru rose into the sky.
It pieced through every place and time.
The rocks that fell from Meru's side.
Are sharp and cut through everything.

He said this is the source of the belief that the Shōnin stone, or stones, are carved from the rocks of this mythic mountain. I do not know whether I should interpret that as a metaphor.
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This makes me think of the movement of the tectonic plates...earthquakes....are the physical manifestation of these events a direct result of high concentrations of xm matter (dark or?) being released?
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Martin Schubert

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Yes, I saw the news about +Hank Johnson. I don't want to dwell on it. For today, my thoughts are on a different subject.

I've been watching (from a distance) as this new dynamic between +Klue S., +A Detection Algorithm and +H. Richard Loeb has emerged. It's most curious.

From what I can tell, Klue is asking Agents to help her extricate her mind from ADA's using a series of Glyphs. That much makes sense... If Glyphs enabled them to connect in the first place, it seems logical that Glyphs could end the connection as well.

Here's where I am stumped. Perhaps some of you might know how to answer this. Why has ADA made no effort to stop this from happening?

There are two hypotheses I can construct:

1) ADA cannot see this. Klue's actions are in some kind of blind-spot within the AI. After all, if a human can have a blind spot, why can't a machine?

2) ADA is aware of what Klue is doing, but is allowing it to happen. In essence, ADA wants Klue gone, just as much as Klue herself wants out of the 'relationship.' If that's the case... why?

What do you think?
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Machines don't have imagination. That would definitely be a blind spot for a machine.
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Martin Schubert

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After the flap yesterday regarding +Devra Bogdanovich's interview on the  Ingress Report, I have to return to basic principles.  What is the intended endstate of all of the different parties involved.  Often, we can understand current actions by analyzing future intentions.  For instance, what is +Hank Johnson currently searching for and how does he think it will change or fix the global condition?  For that matter, if +H. Richard Loeb finds the truth, what will he do with it?  Is the motivation of the corporations as obvious as money or is it something else?  What are the desired endstates of all?
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+James Thirteen I don't think they can turn it off other than with a portal virus like event. The portals seem self sustaining as actual items.
Personally I think +Hank Johnson is just looking for the truth about what happened to him and what the N'Zeer will bring 
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Martin Schubert

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I've been studying the information that +Klue S. revealed to Agents at the last #Helios  Anomaly.

This image in particular caught my attention.

The work I had been doing showed the possibility of underlying patterns in the #Helios Portals, but this articulation seems much more... distinct.

I intend to spend more time looking into this.
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Does ADA know Stuxnet, I heard Stuxnet escaped....
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Martin Schubert

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We expected that +Devra Bogdanovich would continue to improve her 'Portal Virus' technology.

Data emerged today that suggests that she may have begun deployment of a new, more robust iteration of the Virus. At this point, it seems the rollout will not fully impact the global Portal Network until August 7th. When it does, it will partially undo some of the gains made by Agents in recent days.

As always, however, where there is a will, there is a way. Initial research suggests the the new version of the Virus, though improved, remains vulnerable to heightened XM activity.

The data suggests that bringing one billion Mind Units under control, measured at the final Measurement of the #Helios Anomaly in Chicago this weekend, will mitigate the effects of the second deployment of the Portal Virus.

Should that attempt fail, it is likely that the heightened decay rate caused by the second deployment will remain in effect unless some other more permanent solution can be found using the Helios Artifacts.
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Black building nice

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Martin Schubert

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I'm sure by now most of you have seen the revelations on the “Ingress Report” about the work by Dr. +Devra Bogdanovich and the CDC on a so-called Portal Virus.

I began investigating as soon as I heard.  Initial results show increased Portal Decay. At this point I am unable to say exactly how much, but the increase seems greater than 200%.  Fully charged Portals will decay in 72 hours.  

Using access to remote sensing data, I have begun an expanded study of 2^10 Portals over a 24-hour window.  This will enable me to monitor the longer term impact of the Virus on Portal stability.

Initial data suggests that the Virus was able to spread without the use of Links, Fields, or human activity as a vector.  In fact, it appears that it distributes itself through the transdimensional XM Matrix, meaning there is no known way to stop its spread.  

I have been contacted separately by all three major XM Corporations as well as a number of former colleagues from the +Niantic Project.  It seems that all parties are being affected by this change in Portal behavior.  Obviously many are concerned and are attempting to study and in some cases reverse the effects of the Virus.

I will keep you updated as research progresses.
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