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I've heard mixed things about Rappan Athuk, the Necromancer Games/Frog God Games megadungeon (which I associate with 3e), but given that the $25k Kickstarter funded in less than a day there must be something to it.

Basic buy-in is $100 for a faux-leather hardcover and a bundle of battlemaps, with stats for either Pathfinder or Swords & Wizardry.
Fuel the production of Megadungeon Rappan Athuk for both the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game System, and Swords & Wizardry Ruleset.
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passed goal as of 1005 pm - it is funded - now on to the stretch goals (the Frog God Guys need to add some at this point ;)
They have the first couple in place, mostly aimed at higher-level backers.
less then 8 hrs to fund i think... holy crap

and yes, they do, but just like SJG and OGRE, when you're on fire, you need to add more goals ;)
Have you played it? Why is it so exciting? I have zero contact with it, and AFAICT they have zero preview material available.
Greg C
Wow. That is a LOT of big dollar backers. Amazing!
I think part of this might be a pent up demand within the Pathfinder community for some big dungeons. But that's just a guess.
Wow -- that's a good point! Yes, I'd say it's likely to be.
I suppose this will probably be the biggest OSR-associated kickstarter to date, huh? Dwimmermount almost reached $50k, but Rappan Athuk has 59 more days to go.
Wow, that's a good point. Yep, it's likely to be.
if i have a copy of the 3.0 version, it is packed away in storage. My 3.0 days were spent collecting and not playing, so I really can't give it a thumbs up or down.

I can say I was extremely happy with Tome of Adventures and Tome of Horrors Complete. I've been less happy with Frog God's adventures on the whole. Some were good, some weren't usable but were well written (obscure locations - but they were originally tourney modules) and some have been "ehh".

I'm hoping Rappan Athus is closer to the Tomes than the others.
I want to see the appeal, but "Hey, it's a huge dungeon with a deluxe presentation" doesn't mean it's a good dungeon. I need some proof, and given that it's been printed at least twice before in some form I guess I can probably find a preview for one of the older versions somewhere.
I'm actually interested in the material (I have a weak spot for megadungeons), but I'm hesitant because of the form factor of a 1000 page book. I like the idea of Orcus at the bottom, but I've also read that some of the levels are rather similar. I have no experience with the actual material though.
+Erik Tenkar I also really like Tome of Adventure Design, and The Black Monastery was good too.
well I know what to splash out on if I get a lottery win. ;)
Dan C.
+Martin Ralya I have had a lot of experience with RA. I ran a lengthy RA campaign up until about a year ago. It was 3.x and I got burnt out on the system, but not the module.

RA is basically a sandbox in a dungeon. I learned a ton by DMing it.

Here are my RA blog posts:

For example: Mega-dungeons should have lots of access points and their should be non-continuous access points (e.g., a passage down from level 3 might end at level 8, etc.). Rat tunnels, river passages, etc. all make it a living location, rather than a Gauntlet-like experience.

Also, dungeon levels aren't character level appropriate... the party has to watch it's ass at all times. It can go from, "oh hey, a bunch of ghouls" to "oh shit, purple worms!" really quick. Again, this makes it feel real... and dangerous.

When I first got RA 1, there were some levels that I thought seemed kind of flat, but, in actual play, were some of the highlights. And the "set piece" levels, man, they rock.

Really, you could take many of the levels out of RA and use them as dungeons in their own right.

Anyhow, I learned more about sandbox play from this dungeon than anything else. I also learned that if you push your players with a lethal dungeon, you'll be amazed how they bring their A game.

Ha, that all being said, I own the original 3.0 version and the 3.5 boxed set. I just can't justify shelling out the cash for another version. If I had the money, I definitely would.
You backing this one Martin. It looks cool.
+Sean Hope I am not, currently. It does look cool, but there's not enough info available to convince me it's good.
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