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How not to run a board game Kickstarter project.

1. Be a pompous douche
2. Have your head all the way up your own ass
3. Steal someone else's hard work and claim you didn't
4. Put your own goddamn smug face on the money in the game
5. (Seriously, this fucking thing is a goldmine -- the list goes on and on...)
MEGAcquire is the quest to create a larger board game of building companies and buying & trading stocks using a plastic board & tiles.
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Surprisingly, he's almost halfway to his goal. On the other hand, I'm betting Hasbro sues his ass into oblivion.
+Jesse Butler True! Makes my lead-in a bit inaccurate, since his campaign is likely to succeed. Acquire tends to be pricey, so I think there's demand for a variant; this wasn't the way to go about it, though.
While game rules aren't copyrightable, Acquire is certainly a trademark which Wizards will protect. Putting Acquire in the title of your knock off is just asking for trouble.
I'm surprised he hasn't been C&D'd already.
Looks like he's easily going to make his goal, though. Apparently he went from almost halfway to 75% in a couple of hours, and he still has a month to go.
Well, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this, just to see if it actually gets shut down.
To give the guy credit he did invent/write and successfully publish Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE the most commonly played variant of the base game.
+Moe Tousignant I see a lot of light between "I made a variant for this game" (especially if said variant is free) and "I'm a genius whose face is on the money in the game I'm selling that rehashes this game." Whatever the value of his variant, to me he comes across like a crass, egotistical dick for going down this road.
The variant isn't free, it's a published purchasable product. Which is why I don't think he will get in trouble for making another variant.

I do admit the guy does come off as a dick though. Which is the main reason I'm not going to fund this though I am intrigued (as Lloyd's rules are better than the normal rules).
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